At H: Hormonal preparations for systemic use (excluding sex hormones)

H01 hypothalamic-pituitary hormones and analogues
H02 Corticosteroids for systemic use
H03 preparations for the treatment of thyroid diseases
H04 Hormones of the pancreas
H05 Hormones for the treatment of diseases of the parathyroid gland

When H01. Hypothalamic-pituitary hormones and analogues

H01A anterior pituitary hormones and their analogues


H01AA02 Tetracosactide

H01AC Somatropin and somatropin agonistы

H01AC01 Somatropin

H01B Hormones of the posterior pituitary

H01BA Vasopressin and its analogues

H01BA02 Desmopressin
H01BA04 Terlipressin

H01BB Oxytocin and its derivatives

H01BB02 Oxytocin

H01C hormone hypothalamus

H01CB Hormones, slowing growth

Somatostatin H01CB01
H01CB02 Octreotide
H01CB03 Lanreotid

H01CC antigonadotropiny-releasing hormones

H01CC01 Ganirelix
H01CC02 Cetrorelix

When H02. Corticosteroids for systemic use

H02A corticosteroids for systemic use

H02AA mineralocorticoid

H02AA02 Fludrokortizon
H02AA03 Dezoksykorton

H02AB Glyukokortikoidы

H02AB01 Betametazon
H02AB02 Dexamethasone
H02AB04 Methylprednisolone
H02AB06 Prednisolone
H02AB08 Triamcinolone
H02AB09 Gidrokortizon
H02AB10 Kortizon
H02AB19 Mazipredone

When H03. Preparations for the treatment of thyroid diseases

H03A preparations for the treatment of thyroid diseases

H03AA Thyroid hormones

H03AA01 Levothyroxine sodium
H03AA02 sodium liothyronine
Levothyroxine H03AA03 liothyronine in combination with

H03B Antithyroid drugs

H03BA derivatives of thiouracil

H03BA02 Propylthiouracil

H03BB imidazole derivatives, sulfur

H03BB02 Tiamazol

H03C iodine preparations

H03CA iodine preparations

When H04. Hormones of the pancreas

H04A Hormones, break down glycogen

H04AA Hormones, break down glycogen

H04AA01 Glucagon

When H05. Hormones for treating diseases of the parathyroid gland

H05B Antiparatireoidnye hormones

H05BA Preparations calcitonin

H05BA01 Calcitonin

Other means H05BX antiparatireoidnye

H05BX01 Cinacalcet

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