When ATH:


Synthetic analogue of oxytocin-hormone rear of Hypopituitarism. White powder, water-soluble.

Pharmacological action.
Uterotoniziruyuschee, stimulatory generic activities, lactotropic.


Initiation of labor in post-term pregnancy, induction of labor in premature discharge of amniotic fluid, in primary or secondary weakness of labor; cesarean section (during the operation); management of labor in breech, hypotension or atony of the uterus after childbirth, abortion (incl. at high pregnancy), lactostasis in the early postpartum period, painful premenstrual syndrome, accompanied by edema, weight gain.


Hypersensitivity, fetal distress, partial placenta previa, miscarriage, mismatch between the size of the fetal head and pelvis mothers, state with a predisposition to uterine rupture (including traumatic childbirth and cesarean section history), excessive stretching of the uterus, uterus after multiple births, uterine sepsis cases, invasive cervical carcinoma, increased blood pressure, renal failure.

Side effects.

Nausea, vomiting, arrhythmia, incl. fetus, bradycardia (the mother and fetus), hypertension and subarachnoid hemorrhage or hypotension and shock, water retention (at long on / in), allergic reactions, bronchospasm.


Halothane and cyclopropane increase the risk of side effects.


Symptoms: hyperstimulation of the uterus until the gap, Bleeding after childbirth, utero-placental hypoperfusion, fetal hypoxia and hypercapnia, vodnaya intoxication (possible convulsions).

Treatment: removal of the drug, diurez, normalization of electrolyte balance.

Dosing and Administration.

/ M, I / (single injection, drop), the wall or the vaginal part of the cervix; intranasally.

If labor induction: v/m is on 1 IU at intervals of 30-60 min (depending on the response of the uterus; more appropriate in/in the drip (10-30 Drops / min) — on 1-3 IU 300-500 ml 5% glucose solution (under the control of the frequency of uterine contractions and fetal heart rate) until after the birth and after the separation of the placenta.

For induction of labor: in/m 0.5-1 IU at intervals of 30-60 min or/in the drip (for labor induction), depending on the situation of obstetric (the opening of the uterine mouth, and others.). Childbirth in breech presentation — on 2-5 IU; with hypotonia and uterine atony in/in-on 5-10 IU in 10-20 ml 40% glucose solution.

To stimulate lactation: / m or intranasally (pipetted) - By 0,5 IU for 5 minutes before feeding; When premenstrual syndrome is intranasal, with a 20-day cycle to 1 day of menstruation.


The caution is administered to patients, receiving sympathomimetic. The on / in the injection must be constant monitoring.

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