Penile implants, penile prosthesis: what is this operation, causes, Contraindications, how they perform

Description prosthetic penis

With operation in a special device is implanted penis, which may take the form member erect. It gives a man the opportunity to have sex.

Протезирование полового члена

Reasons prosthetic penis

Penile implants – implant for men, wanting to get an erection, if:

  • Other treatments proved ineffective (tablets, suppozitorii, Vacuum device, injection);
  • There are some diseases (eg, diabetes, disease);
  • Physical injuries (eg, spinal cord injury) It made it impossible for the natural excitement of the penis;
  • Conduct operations, which led to the disappearance of erection.

Successful procedure in 90% -95% patients. Penile prosthesis does not affect the sensation of the skin of the penis or the ability to achieve orgasm or ejaculation.

Possible complications of penile prosthesis

Complications are rare, but the procedure does not guarantee the absence of risk. If you plan to penile prosthesis, you need to know about possible complications, which may include:

  • Bleeding;
  • Infection;
  • Formation of scar tissue;
  • Erosion (tissue around the implant may break);
  • Mechanical failure of the prosthesis.

Factors, that may increase the risk of complications:

  • Obesity;
  • Smoking, alcoholism;
  • Poor overall health;
  • Poor diet;
  • The use of some drugs;
  • Diabetes;
  • Diseases of the bladder, that require catheter insertion;
  • Infection;
  • Blood clotting.

How is penile prosthesis?

Preparing for Surgery


  • Learning medical, surgical, and sexual history;
  • Performs inspection;
  • Assigns analysis and testing (eg, blood and urine tests, psychological tests), to avoid problems, which can be treated with medication;

In the run-up procedure:

  • Tell your doctor about taking any medications. A week before surgery you may be asked to stop taking certain drugs:
    • Anti-inflammatory drugs (eg, aspirin);
    • Blood thinners, such as clopidogrel (Plaviks) or warfarin;
  • Do not eat or drink the night before surgery, unless otherwise noted physician.


They can be used the following types of anesthesia:

  • General anesthesia – blocks pain and the patient support in a sleep state during operation. Administered intravenously in the arm or hand;
  • Spinalynaya anesthesia – blocks pain in the lower body, from the chest down, the patient is awake. Was injected in the back.

Procedure prosthetic penis

To prevent infection, genitals will be treated with an antiseptic. An hour before the transaction entered antibiotics. The penis is inserted into the catheter (a thin tube), to drain urine from the bladder.

There are two types of penile implants:

  • Inflatable (Hydraulic) Implants composed of two cylinders, pumps, tubes, and may also contain a reservoir;
  • Soft (plastic) the implant consists of two semi-rigid rods, which are inserted into the penis.

Installation of inflatable penile implants

There are two types of inflatable implants: two or three parts. For both types of installation, physician first makes a small incision in the upper part of the scrotum. The incision is made so, in the future, the seams are under the skin and can dissolve themselves.

The two parts of the implant, cylinders, They will be inserted into the penis. Pump (liquid) It is inserted into the scrotum. This type of implant is easier to install, but it takes up more space in the penis, leaving less room for expansion.

Another type of inflatable implant consists of three parts. The penis is inserted into the cylinder. The pump is inserted into the scrotum. Finally, fluid, is used to increase the member is placed in the vessel, located in the abdomen.

Installing plastic penile implants

The doctor makes an incision in the back of the head and at the base of the penis. Also incision is made in each of the two long tubes of spongy tissue inside the penis. Doctor vstavlyaetv each tube rod. At the end of the doctor closes the incision without the need for sutures.

How long will the penile prosthesis?

  • Inflatable implants: 1-2 o'clock;
  • Soft implants: 30-60 minutes.

Penile implants: Will it hurt?

The pain may be felt within four weeks after surgery. Pain or soreness during recovery are removed with the help of painkillers.

The average time of stay in the hospital after penile prosthesis

The procedure is usually performed in a hospital. Usually stay is one day or more, if you have problems. In some cases, the statement can be made the day of surgery.

Patient care after prosthetic penis

Care in a hospital

During recovery:

  • Deleted catheter to drain urine;
  • Inspects;
  • Provided antibiotics and painkillers.

Home Care

After returning home, follow these steps:, to ensure the normal recovery:

  • Be sure to follow your doctor's instructions;
  • Ask the doctor, when it is safe to shower, bath or expose the surgical site to water;
  • Take antibiotics, as indicated by a physician;
  • To facilitate the use of pain:
    • Mild painkillers (eg, paracetamol), or medications, prescribed by a doctor;
    • Warm compresses;
  • Wear loose underwear during recovery;
  • Avoid sexual activity for at least six weeks after surgery;
  • Avoid vigorous exercise and loads of at least six weeks after surgery;
  • Do not drive without a doctor's permission.

Contact your doctor after penile prosthesis

After discharge from the hospital need to see a doctor, If the following symptoms:

  • Redness, edema, increased pain, bleeding, or a large amount of liquid, liberated from the surgical site;
  • Severe swelling of the scrotum and penis;
  • Blood in the urine;
  • Signs of infection (eg, fever, chills, headache, muscle aches, dizziness, general malaise);
  • Other symptoms (eg, nausea, vomiting, constipation, abdominal distention);
  • Pain or difficulty with urination;
  • Cough, shortness of breath or chest pain.

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