Mikhail Arkadyevich Golubev

Doctor of Medical Sciences
Specialization: Laboratory Diagnostics, general medical experience 35 years
Graduated with honors from the Astrakhan State Medical Institute in 1984 g. FROM 1984 by 2001 g. worked at the Institute of Biomedical Chemistry named after V.N. Orehovich, from 1993 by 2005 - Head of the laboratory at the Research Institute of Preventive Medicine, from 2005 by 2008 - Chief specialist in laboratory diagnostics of the State Unitary Enterprise Medical Center of the Administration of the Mayor and the Government of Moscow. Member of the Board of the Russian Association of Medical Laboratory Diagnostics. IN 1990 defended his dissertation for the degree of Candidate, and 2001 – doctor of medical sciences. Author 1 monographs and more 90 scientific works.
Scientific works:
Fructose-2,6-bisphosphate system. Vanadium-containing compounds and their role in the prevention and treatment of diabetes mellitus / M.A. Golubev // Abstract of the dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences. - 2001.
Pathological changes in the liver in acute poisoning with clozapine and its combinations with ethanol /O.O. Romanova, D.V.Sundukov, M.A. Golubev et al.. // General resuscitation. – 2019. - #2 – S. 27-35.
Psoriasis sarcoidosis of the skin / E.Yu. Evdokimov, L.M. Smirnova, M.A. Golubev // Russian journal of skin and venereal diseases. – 2019. - #1 – P.11-14.
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