Do you want to lose weight? Then find out, what is visceral fat and how to get rid of it, what products

If you want to lose weight, first you need to get rid of your visceral fat. Below you will find out how and with what products you can remove visceral fat..

Fat is not just one type of fat.. When it comes to healthy weight loss, to be fit and lean in the long run, it is important to achieve a balance of all types of fat in the body. Keyword: visceral fat. What is it, why is he dangerous, and how to get rid of it?

What is visceral fat?

Unlike subcutaneous fat, which can accumulate in typical problem areas of the body, visceral fat is a type of fat, which envelops such important organs, as liver, stomach and digestive system. Visceral fat can also be deposited in the arteries. Since it occurs predominantly inside the abdominal cavity, visceral fat is not directly visible. Only when there is excess visceral fat in the body, it turns out to be belly fat. This is why waist circumference is often used as an indicator of visceral fat.. The rule for adult women is, that the waist circumference is more 80 centimeters can cause weight problems.

Why is visceral fat so dangerous??

Unlike subcutaneous fat, visceral fat is not only an aesthetic problem, he is really dangerous. Its accumulation can lead to serious health problems., because it contributes insulin resistance and increase in blood pressure. This may lead to I have a heart attack, strokes, cancer and diabetes. So if you are concerned about excessive visceral fat, it's important to do something about it.

How to get rid of visceral fat?

Good news: visceral fat is very sensitive to exercise, nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Half an hour of exercise a day is enough to break down visceral fat.. A combination of endurance training and strength training works best. Recommended exercises are, like running, bicycling, swimming and weight lifting. It was also shown, what is the stress hormone, Cortisol, promotes the formation of visceral fat. Therefore, relaxation exercises, such as meditation and calming breathing techniques, also help.

Diet “for burning” visceral fat

In the fight against visceral fat, of course, a balanced, healthy diet low in sugar and low-fat foods is needed, but high in protein and vitamins. Complex carbohydrates are also allowed, such as sweet potatoes, beans and lentils.

Top advice from British experts Holland and Barrett, which they shared with the Express edition, - follow a low-calorie diet. Doctors call salads and low-fat soups as ideal foods..

According to experts, good health food option, getting rid of visceral belly fat, can be keto diet (ketogenic diet). Its specialty is low-carbohydrate food.. Once upon a time, the keto diet was created for patients with diabetes.. Subsequently, it began to be used for overweight.

"The keto diet is aimed at that, to get a different type of "fuel", giving energy", UK doctors say. Instead of, to hope for sugar, coming from carbohydrates, the keto diet relies on ketone bodies, creating your own type of fuel, which the liver produces from stored fat. The study, previously published in the pages of Endocrine magazine, Experts Contrasted the Low-Calorie Keto Diet with the Standard Few Calorie Diet.

The study, which is described in the publication, a group of obese volunteers, divided into two parts. diet, proposed by him, they have used throughout 24 months.

Volunteers, using the keto diet, showed the best results, than patients on a conventional low-calorie diet. They noticeably lost weight, waist circumference and belly size, indicating the presence of visceral fat.

However, a group of volunteers, “sitting” on a regular low-calorie diet, didn't get offended either.: scientists noted positive results and they. But the subjects, on the keto diet, not only lost weight. Improved general well-being and reduced burden of disease was a nice bonus.

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