Skin Abscess – opening and drainage – Treatment boil

Description opening and drainage of abscess

Skin Abscess – inflamed and infected cavity in the skin, filled with pus. It is often called an abscess or furunkul. Section (opening) and a drainage procedure, performed to remove pus from an abscess.

Абсцесс кожи - вскрытие и дренаж

Reasons for opening and drainage of abscess

Drainage of an abscess is the preferred treatment for boils. The procedure is often used, If the abscess is large, growing, infected, It causes severe pain, or breaks on their own.

You can not squeeze or puncture the abscess yourself. This can lead to the spread of infection and aggravate it.

Possible complications of opening and drainage of abscess of the skin

Possible complications may include:

  • Pain;
  • Bleeding;
  • Scar formation at the site of surgery.

Factors, that may increase the risk of complications:

  • Smoking;
  • Diabetes or other diseases, that weaken the immune system.

How is the opening and drainage of abscess of the skin?

Preparation for the procedure

  • First, the doctor will examine the abscess;
  • If the abscess is large and deep, ULTRASOUND can be made or used another technique of medical imaging. There may also be carried out blood tests, to identify, how serious infection;
  • Consult your doctor about the drugs taken. A week before surgery you may be asked to stop taking some medicines:
    • Aspirin or other anti-inflammatory drugs;
    • Blood thinners, such as clopidogrel (Plaviks) or warfarin;
  • The doctor can make, that the patient is made tetanus vaccine.


Local anesthesia, anaesthetises which operated area of ​​the body, during surgery, the patient is awake. It can be provided in the form of injections.

Description of the procedure of opening and drainage of abscess of the skin

In most cases, this procedure can be performed in a doctor's office. Big, deep abscesses, abscesses in very sensitive areas (eg, anal abscess), may require treatment in hospital.

Scope of the procedure wiped cleaning fluid, then injected anesthesia. On the abscess it will be made a small incision. To drain pus from an abscess can be used syringe or catheter, and pus may be squeezed out. To soak up liquid, used gauze. Venue procedure cleaned with an aqueous solution of antiseptic.

To study in the section can be used by special devices. Using a cotton swab can be sampled bacteria.

Sometimes, Dr. fills the cavity clean gauze, to make sure, that the abscess does not form again. If this happens, We need to go back to the hospital a day or two, to remove or replace the filler. To close the wound bandage.

How long will the autopsy and drainage of abscess of the skin?

About 30-40 minutes.

Opening and drainage of abscess of the skin – Will it hurt?

No, the procedure should not hurt. You may feel a small prick and a burning sensation upon administration of a local anesthetic.

Care after opening and drainage of abscess of the skin

Home Care

When you return home, Follow these steps:, to ensure the normal recovery:

  • Take all medications as intended. If you are taking antibiotics, go through the entire course of treatment;
  • Change the bandage 1-3 once a day, as indicated by a physician;
  • Clean the incision site with lukewarm water and a mild antibacterial soap;
    • Use a soft cloth for cleaning, then gently wipe the incision area;
  • We need to ask the doctor, when it is safe to shower, bathe, or to expose the surgical site to water;
  • Maybe, We have to restrict the movement of the affected area at the time of healing;
  • Visit your doctor for inspection after the procedure.

The skin should heal completely in about 14 days.

Contact your doctor after opening and drainage of abscess of the skin

After returning home, you need to see a doctor, If the following symptoms:

  • The worsening of pain;
  • Redness;
  • Swelling;
  • Bleeding;
  • Fever and chills;
  • A rash or hives.

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