Chest X-ray – Chest X-ray

Description of the chest X-ray

Chest X-ray – photography heart and lung X-ray. A small dose of radiation is used to obtain an image,. This is one of the most common medical tests.

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Why do chest X-ray?

Chest X-ray is performed, to look for abnormalities of the heart, light, bone or blood vessels in the breast. Your doctor may have chest x-ray, If there are certain symptoms:

  • Severe or persistent cough;
  • Labored breathing;
  • Coughing up blood;
  • Chest pain;
  • Damage to the chest;
  • Fever.

Possible complications of chest X-ray

Chest X-ray is done using very low doses of radiation. In the presence or suspected pregnancy must be said about this doctor or X-ray equipment. If possible, X-rays should be avoided during pregnancy.

How is the chest X-ray?

Before test

Examinee must remove all jewelry and foreign objects, and to strip to the waist (or wear a hospital gown). The abdomen and pelvis may be covered by a special lead apron. This is done, to minimize the risk of exposure.

Procedure chest X-ray

Photos, usually, performed in two projections – side view and front view. Rentgenotechnika places surveyed, depending on which image. In most cases, in the X-ray machine, you must stand with your arms raised or spread apart.. You will need to take a deep breath and hold your breath, photographing is performed.

After the procedure may need to wait for film development.

After the chest X-ray

After the procedure, you can return to daily activities.

How long will the chest X-ray?

Duration of treatment – about 10-15 minutes.

Will it hurt?

No, procedure bezboleznenna.

Results of the survey

Radiologist (doctor, specializing in fluoroscopy) explores the image and, if necessary, send a report to your doctor. Results, usually, ready for 1-2 Days after treatment.

Upon detection of abnormalities on x-ray may require further study, including:

  • CT scan – such as X-rays, which uses computer, to make pictures of structures inside the body;
  • MRI scan – test, which uses magnetic waves, to make pictures of structures inside the body;
  • Biopsy – the selection of the sample of tissue for examination.

Communication with the doctor after the chest x-ray

If after the examination you have health problems, you need to go to hospital.

In the case of a serious and rapidly deteriorating health should immediately call an ambulance.

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