Bad smell of urine (smelly urine): What's it, symptoms, diagnostics, treatment, prevention

Due to their nature, the body's natural secretions can provide information about various disorders and diseases.. An important criterion in this regard is an unpleasant odor., in our case foul-smelling urine.

What is smelly urine?

Unpleasant urine odor is a clear indicator of various health problems.. Bad-smelling urine in most cases is noticed by people and in this case it is often necessary to see a doctor.

Smelly urine also plays a central role in diagnosing diseases without pronounced painful symptoms.. It means, that foul-smelling urine can also reveal previously hidden diseases.

The bad smell of urine is the result of bacterial decomposition of excreted substances.. Urine is normal, usually, No odour. Unpleasant smelling urine can only develop due to a bacterial infection or other reasons..

Causes of Bad Urine Smell

Causes, leading to smelly urine, you can quickly figure out, using modern diagnostic capabilities.

Unpleasant urine odor is a clear natural sign of the body., Is it a metabolic disorder, or a lower urinary tract infection. Besides, individual bladder tumors are responsible for bad-smelling urine.

Consumption of certain products, including asparagus, can also lead to bad smelling urine. Bad-smelling urine is characteristic, when metabolism is disturbed due to diabetes. Then the urine may have a strong fruity odor.. In this situation, experts determine diabetic metabolic imbalance.


Bad-smelling urine may be due to a metabolic disorder or urinary tract infection., it can have various complications.

Fruity, sweet-smelling urine indicates diabetes. If diabetes is not treated, it leads to blockage of small vessels, especially in the eye area, nerves and kidneys.

The affected person may become blind (diabeticheskaya retinopathy), which greatly affects the quality of life. Another consequence may be kidney failure. (diabeticheskaya nephropathy). Nerve damage from diabetes leads to loss of sensation, which manifests itself especially in the area of ​​​​the foot. A sick person may not notice small wounds, which can lead to infection. The foot dies in the process, and in the worst case it has to be amputated (diabetic foot).

Urinary tract infection causes ammonia-smelling urine. If a urinary tract infection is not treated, it can spread to the whole body and thus lead to urosepsis. This condition should be treated with medication and monitored immediately, otherwise it will lead to a fairly quick death.

A birth defect can cause a so-called disease “maple syrup” (leucinosis). Maple syrup disease must be combined with the strictest diet, because otherwise severe neurological damage may occur to the newborn, which can even lead to death.

When to See a Doctor?

Bad smelling urine can have a number of causes and usually only happens for a short time.. However, if the odor persists for several days, could be a serious reason, which must be determined by the doctor. If you suspect a bladder infection or allergy, symptoms should be discussed with a doctor as soon as possible. Seek immediate medical attention, if blood or brown deposits can be seen in the urine, or if there is pain when urinating. It could be a urinary tract or kidney infection, that, if left untreated, can lead to further problems.

Diabetic patients and pregnant women should discuss changes in urine odor with their doctor.. If not treated during pregnancy, cystitis can cause serious complications, such as premature birth. Smelly urine while dieting or after eating asparagus, coffee or garlic, usually, harmless and does not require further medical treatment.

Treatment and therapy for bad urine odor

After identifying the cause of the disease, foul-smelling urine , appropriate therapy can be given. If the foul-smelling urine has a sufficiently putrid odor, bacterial infection of the urinary tract or kidney cannot be ruled out.

Maple Syrup Disease Could Be Another Cause of Bad Urine Smell. In this disease, foul-smelling urine is caused by a violation of protein metabolism.. Smelly urine smells like maple syrup. Controlled protein intake and other activities, concerning treatment.

To avoid foul-smelling urine due to acidosis, when the sugar level is too high due to diabetes, the patient needs to properly adjust or follow the diet. It means, what to avoid the bad smell of urine in these cases, blood sugar levels are monitored accurately and quickly. This can be corrected with medication or a targeted injection of insulin..

If the bad smell of urine is due to chronic insufficiency of kidney function, appropriate therapy should also be given.. If a kidney infection is diagnosed, ureters and bladder, start antibiotic treatment. If antibiotic drugs work, the bad smell of urine will soon pass.

Antispasmodic and pain medications are usually taken as support.. Uncomplicated infections usually respond quickly to this type of treatment.. If the inflammation of the bladder is constantly recurring, urine can be made more acidic with special preparations.

In the case of foul-smelling urine, the acidic environment leads to the death of bacterial microbes.. These drugs are known as prophylactic antibiotics and may be helpful for persistent malodorous urine after a detailed diagnosis..

Various natural substances, such as tannins in cranberry juice and bearberry leaf extracts in tea are also helpful in combating malodorous urine in case of bacterial lower urinary tract disease.

Outlook and prognosis for bad smelling urine

It is very difficult to give an accurate prognosis or perspective in the case of foul-smelling urine., since this symptom may indicate different clinical pictures. If you have eaten asparagus or garlic, urine with a strong smell is quite normal. Even without medical treatment, this symptom disappears on its own within 24 hours.

Another and very common cause of smelly urine is a urinary tract infection.. This is noticeable by the mentioned smell and sharp pain when urinating.. If the infection is not treated, it can lead to serious secondary diseases. In the worst case, this leads to inflammation and pus formation.. Bacteria can spread throughout the body, the human immune system becomes weakened. The result is nausea, fever or chills. However, a urinary tract infection can be quickly and successfully treated with medication..

Treatment for bad smelling urine


Urine odor can be avoided, maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It especially affects the kidneys and lower urinary tract. To avoid bad smelling urine, certain foods and certain medications can be avoided whenever possible.

Treating Bad Urine Smell at Home

There are various means and measures, which can be used to naturally get rid of the bad smell of urine. Primarily, should drink plenty of fluids, so that possible pathogens are quickly eliminated from the body. Tea, as well as water and unsweetened juices are especially effective for this..

Besides, you should keep a diary about the occurrence and possible causes of unpleasant urine. The doctor may order urine tests for further diagnosis.. If symptoms are caused by cystitis, warmth and bed rest contribute to a quick recovery. The swedish mustard compress relaxes the muscles of the bladder and, Consequently, may speed up recovery.

medicinal plants, like birch leaves, golden and serpentine, have a relaxing effect and help flush out pathogens in case of urinary tract infection. Besides, Schüssler's salts may be used to relieve the underlying infection 3 and 9 .

Bad smell of urine, that appears after eating certain foods or drinks can be effectively treated, changing your diet. Also, an unpleasant smell of urine can be associated with its excessive acidity or diabetes., which a doctor can diagnose.

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