Roentgen – Radiography – X-ray examination

Description radiography

When X-rays used a small dose of radiation, to make pictures of internal structures of the body.

Рентген зубов

Reasons for X-ray

Using X-ray can be inspected any part of the body. Especially well it is suitable for fault location in the bones.

X-rays may also be used to detect the following problems:

  • Search infection;
  • Search tumors;
  • To detect fluid in the lungs;
  • To find the causes of intestinal obstruction;
  • To diagnose heart problems and major blood vessels.

Рентген кишечника

How is radiography?

Preparation for the procedure

Before the start of X-ray examination of the subject may be asked to remove jewelry and wear a hospital gown.

In the presence of pregnancy about it it is necessary to inform your doctor prior to radiography.

Procedure radiography

Lead shield may be disposed on the body, you do not need to inspect. This will help reduce the effects of radiation.

Examinee placed in a, body part, for which is an X-ray, It will be located in front of film cassette.

X-ray machine will be placed over the body part being studied. The patient must remain in a fixed position, will run until photographing.

After X-rays

After passing through the X-ray examination can return to their daily activities.

How long does it take an X-ray?

A couple of minutes

Will it hurt when radiography?

No, procedure bezboleznenna.

The results of X-ray inspection

An X-ray will be sent to a radiologist for further study.

Communication with the doctor after the X-ray

It is necessary to call the doctor, to learn the results of X-rays, or if you have any questions about the survey.

In an emergency, you should immediately call an ambulance.

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