Poyasnichnaya puncture – Analysis of the cerebrospinal fluid

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Description Analysis of cerebrospinal fluid

During this procedure, the doctor selects samples of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) of the lower back. Liquor brain and spinal cord provides protection and nutrition to the brain and nerve cells. This fluid also helps to remove waste products from the brain.

Поясничная пункция - Анализ спинномозговой жидкости

The reasons for performing analysis of the cerebrospinal fluid

A lumbar puncture may be done if you suspect the presence of these disorders:

  • Infections of the brain or infections layers around the brain;
  • Multiple sclerosis (RS);
  • Disorders, that affect the nervous system;
  • Some types of cancer;
  • Bleeding into the brain or spinal cord;
  • Excess CSF in the brain.

This procedure can be done, that:

  • Enter dye for Research;
  • To drain the cerebrospinal fluid, to reduce the pressure in the brain;
  • For administration of drugs (eg, Chemotherapy, antibiotics, anesthetics).

Possible complications in the analysis of cerebrospinal fluid

Before, how to perform the procedure, you need to know about possible complications, which may include:

  • Headache;
  • Backache;
  • Bleeding;
  • Pain or abnormal temperature, tingling in the legs;
  • An allergic reaction to the anesthesia;
  • Infection.

How is the lumbar puncture?

Preparation for the procedure

Before the procedure the doctor, probably, perform these steps::

  • Appoint a CT scan of the head – type of X-ray, which uses computer, to make pictures of structures inside the brain;
  • Clear place, where the needle will be inserted.


Local anesthesia is used as an injection – It will numb the area of ​​the needle.

Description of the procedure of lumbar puncture

The patient will lie on your side, raised his knees to the stomach. Sometimes the procedure is carried out, when the patient is sitting on the edge of the bed.

The needle is inserted into the spinal canal through the lower part of the back. The doctor takes a sample of CSF through the needle. CSF pressure will be measured. If the patient feels discomfort, needle, perhaps, It must be administered repeatedly over time. Collect the liquid may take a few minutes. At the end of the needle selection is removed, puncture site ligated.

Immediately after treatment

The patient should be in a supine position 10-15 minutes. If there is no severe headache, examinee can return home.

How long will the lumbar puncture?

The procedure lasts approximately 30-45 minutes from beginning to end.

Will it hurt?

It may feel minimal or mild discomfort. When injected anesthetic felt a prick.

Care after a lumbar puncture

Upon returning home, you need to perform the following actions, to ensure the normal recovery:

  • Drink plenty of fluids during the subsequent 24 hours;
  • Relax and stay calm, at least 24 o'clock;
  • Be sure to follow your doctor's instructions.

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