Treatment of arrhythmias at home with folk remedies: tinctures, broths, arrhythmia drugs

The heart is one of the main organs of the human body, it is on his work and condition that the health and life expectancy of everyone depends. Its most important function, blood circulation, which is carried out in two circles, providing blood circulation to all internal organs. The essence of his work is similar to nanos, which pumps about seven tons of blood per day.
Лечение аритмии в домашних условиях народными средствами

But it often happens, that our heart fails and no longer works so smoothly and fully, like before. Various factors can influence this., both just a stressful situation and serious illnesses, as well as age-related changes.

Arrhythmia is considered the most common among cardiac pathologies., most often after age 40 years, but there are cases, when very young people have such a diagnosis and, usually, don't even realize it. Let's figure it out, what is the diagnosis, how to live with it and fight.

What is cardiac arrhythmia and why is it dangerous

Arrhythmia is a pathological manifestation, which is based on rhythm disturbance, frequency and contractility of the heart muscle. The reduction rate - from 60 to 80 bpm, rhythm can be accelerated or slowed down according to certain needs, so any deviation from the norm is considered an arrhythmia.

The danger of arrhythmias is, what, after itself, it can lead to a number of other diseases - a stroke, thromboembolism, infarct, heart failure, as well as cardiac arrest, leading to death. Therefore, timely diagnosis, treatment and support will help to avoid possible unpleasant consequences.

Causes of arrhythmia

  • Alcohol use, energy, caffeinated drinks, smoking;
  • Stress, depression;
  • Medicine overdose;
  • Intense overload from physical activities;
  • Any heart disease, adrenal, Thyroid;
  • obesity;
  • Diabetes mellitus of any type;
  • hypertension (high blood pressure);
  • brain tumor;
  • Menopause and hormonal disorders in women;
  • Deficiency or excess of potassium, Magnesium, sodium, calcium in myocardial cells.

Symptoms of arrhythmia of the heart

  • pain or heaviness in the chest area;
  • Lack of oxygen, breathlessness;
  • fainting;
  • Anxiety, growing anxiety;
  • Weakness, feeling tired quickly;
  • Pale or bluish skin tone;
  • Fast or slow heart rate;
  • Dizziness, Blackouts.

Types of cardiac arrhythmias

Sinus tachycardia

The main feature of this type is more 90 heart beats per minute. This rhythm is very palpable in the chest, and can be caused by heavy loads of the physical plane, as well as at temperatures above 38 degrees during colds, Flu.

Paroxysmal tachycardia

This is the beat from 140 to 240 bpm, the person is weak, severe sweating, anxiety and heart, coming out of the chest, the attack can start very abruptly and disappear suddenly.


Cuts less than 55 min, at this time the person feels dizzy, prostration, general weakness, it can manifest itself even in absolutely healthy people at rest and in sleep. The causes are often problems in the functioning of the thyroid gland., i.e. lack of hormones, as well as hypotension.

Atrial fibrillation

Messy, irregular work of the heart, atria and ventricles contract at different rates 300 once a minute, but a person may not experience such a violent rhythm and deterioration in general condition, but there may be shortness of breath, fluttering in the chest and pain in the region of the heart. This type of arrhythmia can be in the presence of heart disease, alcoholism and thyroid problems.

In this case, ventricular flutter often occurs, what is dangerous, and can lead to fainting, respiratory failure, convulsions, loss of consciousness, no pulse and sudden death. You can help if you provide an elementary ambulance in a timely manner, first aid - indirect heart massage, as well as artificial respiration mouth to mouth.


premature contraction of the heart, in the form of a sharp, sudden shock or freeze, can be seen in healthy people of any age, especially those, who abuse bad habits - smoking, alcohol, drugs, high dose caffeine.

Respiratory arrhythmia

More common in children and adolescents, young age, is released by an unstable alternation of the heart rhythm, usually, does not affect well-being and does not require treatment.

Heart blocks

The processes of conduction of myocardial impulses stop or slow down, the pulse may disappear for a while, short time. Convulsions and fainting may occur, as well as sudden death.

Folk remedies for heart arrhythmias

Remember, before starting treatment at home with folk remedies - consult your doctor, to choose the most suitable method for yourself and not harm the body.

Valerian infusion for cardiac arrhythmias

Pour into a glass of water 15 grams of crushed valerian roots, cover tightly and 10 – 12 hours put in a dark place to infuse, strain several times. Drink 10 ml four times a day.

A decoction of valerian for heart arrhythmia

100 ml of water mix with 1/10 tablespoons of valerian root, put on fire and boil for about 20 minutes, drink after cooling 15 ml before meals no more than four times a day.

A decoction of calendula for heart arrhythmia

On 0,5 pour a liter of boiling water 20 gram of calendula flowers close the lid, what would have been infused for one hour, strain, drink half a glass 3 times.

Hawthorn tincture for cardiac arrhythmia

  • 10 mix a gram of dry hawthorn fruit with one hundred grams of vodka or diluted alcohol, leave on 10 days to insist, take in by 8-10 drops mixed with water three times a day before meals.
  • Pour a handful of hawthorn flowers 350 ml boiling water, cover tightly with a lid and put in a water bath, on 25 minutes, strain after cooling, drink one hundred milliliters three times, after meal.

A mixture of apples and onions for heart arrhythmia

Grind with a blender or meat grinder an apple and an onion of about the same size, put in a glass container, take 5 gram, at the time of snacking, between main meals twice a day. course no more 40 days.

Vitamin mixtures for heart arrhythmias

  • Combine fresh radish juice with honey 1:1, take on a spoon 2 – 3 once a day.
  • 15 grams of horsetail herb, finely grind, Pour 400 milliliters of boiling water, insist 3 o'clock, filter, take 1 Church l. 5-6 once a day.
  • Mix equal amounts of chamomile flowers, mint, Fennel, fruit, caraway, steam with boiling water, set aside for six hours, then strain. Drink 15 ml before bed.
  • 0,5 kg of lemons chopped with twenty apricot kernels, and pour 500 ml of honey, should be a thick paste. Inside of 1 tablespoon every morning and evening.
  • In a container with only boiled water in volume 400 ml pour 6 grams of adonis herb, boil on low heat for a few minutes, remove from fire, cover tightly and leave for half an hour, strain and drink 15 milliliters three times.

First aid for cardiac arrhythmias at home

In any case, you need to call an ambulance, regardless of, the attack occurred for the first time or occurs systemically often. Before the arrival of doctors, it is necessary to provide first aid or on your own, or one of the relatives.

Лечение аритмии в домашних условиях народными средствами

Each type of arrhythmia has its own nuances and rules for first aid., we will give general advice, suitable for any type of abnormal heart rate:

  1. Create an environment of peace and quiet, it is better to put the patient comfortably, on a not very high pillow.
  2. open window, a balcony, to bring fresh air into the room.
  3. Sometimes it helps to overcome the attack is not sharp, but frequent changes in body position, stand upright for a few minutes, then lie down and so five - six times.
  4. Use your index and middle fingers to press down on your throat., before the gag reflex, but don't induce vomiting.
  5. Take herbal heart drops with a calming effect at the maximum dosage - 40 drops: corvlol, Valerian, bubbled, motherwort, etc..
  6. Do a respiratory exercise, according to this scheme: deep inhalation with breath holding, close your eyes and press the eyelids three to four times in a row with your fingertips for a minute, while periodically emitting air from the mouth and making a new one, deep breath.
  7. Ask the patient to hold their breath for 15 – 20 seconds, and then cough.
  8. When attacking, you need to eat a piece of dry bread or cracker, better crust.
  9. Dip your face in cold water no more 5 seconds.
  10. If the patient has lost consciousness or the pulse rate has become very low, it is necessary to tilt his head and unfasten the clothes in the neck and chest area, frequency should increase, if that didn't happen, artificial respiration and superficial cardiac massage are necessary, should happen 100 compressions per minute.

Prevention of cardiac arrhythmia

  • Take care of your health and undergo a medical examination, don't start inflammation, viral infections, as well as examine the cardiovascular system and the thyroid gland;
  • Set a diet and follow a diet, eat less fried food, flour, Acute, sweets and as many fruits as possible, green, vegetables;
  • Minor loads, performed daily: charger, walking and outdoor activities;
  • Good sleep and sleep duration, try to fall asleep and wake up at the same - and - at the same time, thus producing the mode;
  • Keep track of your weight, prevent obesity, if the excess weight is still present, then you need to work on reducing it;
  • Abandon bad habits;
  • control blood pressure in the morning and evening, as well as monitor blood sugar levels;
  • Avoid stressful situations and, that can throw you off balance;
  • Take vitamins for the heart - Asparkam, Magne V6, Riboxin;
  • There are a lot of nuts, dried fruits and bananas;
  • Drink enough water, The first dose should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach.;
  • Drink natural rosehip teas, mint, Viburnum.

You need to be very careful with your health., because only when a person is healthy, he can be happy and make his family and friends happy. The heart is the only organ, who is one hundred percent experiencing any of our emotions: crying, rejoices, laughs, bored, loves and experiences. So appreciate and listen to your heart, gives him as many reasons for joy as possible and less for tears.

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