Why ginger tea helps with colds and weight loss? Recipes for making ginger tea

How does ginger tea help with colds??

If you consume ginger tea for a cold, the ingredients gingerol and chagol will help you first of all. These active substances, contained in ginger, stimulate blood circulation, which makes it difficult for microbes to enter the mucous membranes.

Besides, the structure of gingerol is similar to that of acetylsalicylic acid, main component of aspirin. This active ingredient relieves pain, has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect - ideal for fighting colds.

Ginger also contains zingiberene, curb the spread of cold viruses. Essential oils have an expectorant effect, cough subsides, throat area feels less irritated.

Ginger warms the body

Due to the antibacterial action of ginger, many people also consume ginger tea for prevention, because they want to prevent a cold. Also known is the fact, that ginger speeds up metabolism and warms the body with its active substances. This is especially nice in wet and cold weather..

How does ginger tea help you lose weight??

Sure, ginger will not replace a balanced diet and exercise, necessary for weight loss. But ginger will help you shed a few pounds.. For example, ginger improves satiety. During the study, hosted by Columbia University in New York, subjects, wishing to lose weight, drinking hot water with ginger powder with meals – and feel full faster, than the comparison group, who did not drink ginger tea.

In the same study, blood tests after meals also showed, that ginger actually stimulates metabolism and slightly increases calorie expenditure. Besides, gingerol and shogal speed up bile production, so, fat burning, as well as digestion. A glass of fresh ginger tea is especially recommended after a heavy, high-fat meal..

Use fresh ginger for tea

However, it is important, keep the ginger fresh. Ginger tea bags or dried ginger powder have already lost many valuable ingredients.. you can say, fresh ginger, because it is light brown, loose and hard.

How to make ginger tea?

You can make ginger tea in two ways:

  1. Cut off a few slices of ginger root, put them in a cup and fill with hot water. Let the ginger tea brew for ten minutes - if you like spicy, then longer.
  2. Grate about two tablespoons of ginger. Place the grated ginger in a saucepan and add a liter of water. Let the liquid boil for about ten minutes, and then strain the tea through a fine sieve into a thermos or teapot on a heating pad.

Depending on your personal taste, add some honey or lemon juice and drink several sips regularly throughout the day..

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