Bee venom and its effects on the human body

Apitoxin – is a product of secretory activity in the body of the working bee, Colorless, very thick liquid with a pungent odor of honey, bitter burning, taste; the air quickly solidified, in dry form is not loses major biological properties for several years.

In honeybees (worker bees and uterus) at the end of the abdomen is body protection – stinging apparatus, which consists of stings, two poisonous glands and poison tank. Stabbing part stings have zazubrinki, impeding its retrieval from the skin. When užalenii bee stings the skin edge stabs. Užaliv, Bee flies, and sting, lingering in the skin, comes off along with all the biting apparatus. Under the influence of muscle twitch sting continued to Pierce further into the skin, and all the poison gradually flows out of the tank in the morning. To reduce the action of the poison, the Stinger from the skin should be removed immediately after the stings. Where, When the stings are used for medicinal purposes, Sting, conversely, you need to leave the skin on 5-10 m, to poison from the glands completely outshone.

The use of bee venom with therapeutic purposes originates in ancient times. Apitherapy (bee venom treatment – apitoksinom) was used in ancient Egypt, India, China, Greece. It is known from the literature, that Charles the great and Ivan the terrible bee stings in the capital Bishkek from gout.

A few hours after the stings of the bee dies. Bee venom is similar to poison the most venomous snakes – Cobra, Viper. In single užalenii bee stands out 0,2-0,3 mg of venom.

Chemical composition of venom is very complex and not well understood finally. From one bee can be obtained 0,4-0,8 mg of venom. The amount of venom depends on the age of bees, from that, what she ate, and the time of year. For Example, in spring and summer the greatest amount of venom produces bee. Young bees have no Venom or its very little. To two weeks ' lifetime amount of venom from bee-women reaches, then poisonous iron gradually disappearing.

Effect of bee venom

Effect of bee venom on the human body is very complicated and largely depends on the number of Schmidt described some of the, places and the sensitivity of the organism. Most healthy people easily carries five and even 10 Schmidt described some of the concurrent. When ingested large quantities of poison along with local observed overall reaction. In mild cases, it can lead to sickness, temperature increase, headache, rash type hives. In more severe cases, these symptoms align vomiting, diarrhea, breathlessness, blood pressure drop, hearing loss, convulsions. Death can occur from breathing stops.

A lethal dose for an adult human is considered 500 Schmidt described some of the simultaneously; 200-300 Schmidt described some cause severe poisoning. Very dangerous and can cause death in the stings eyes, in the region of the pharynx, the tonsils, soft palate, the lateral surface of the neck. The most sensitive to bee poison women (especially pregnant), children and the elderly. With frequent introduction of bee venom in organism sensitivity to the falls.

First aid for poisoning poison is recommended:

  • immediately remove all stings, better tweezers;
  • places of stings lubricate several times liquid ammonia, the Milky juice of dandelion, garlic juice, Luke, parsley, Wormwood, honey, solution of potassium permanganate (1:1000), tincture of iodine, rubbing alcohol or vodka – any of these funds partially destroys poison;
  • take antihistamines: dimedrol, suprastin, 10%-nyjrastvor honey, help milk and kefir;
  • to place the stings to make soaked in water and towel depressed, ice and cold compress, which reduce the absorption of the poison, quickly withdraw swelling and pain.

To scare away bees smeared open body parts Castor or lavender oil, cucumber, cabbage or Tomato Pickle, as well as Melissa (lemon Mint). To avoid Schmidt described some of you need to remember, that bees irritating smell of garlic, alcohol, petroleum products, bee venom from squashed bee. The negative reactions they cause sudden movements: waving hands, brisk walking between beehives. You need to know, that excite the bees smells perfume, Eau de Cologne, Honey lipsticks and creams.

In therapeutic doses, bee venom – valuable remedy for treating a variety of diseases.

Bee venom has both local, and overall therapeutic effect. Poison expands small artery and capillaries, increases blood flow to the places of stings, reduces pain syndrome, eliminates the sensitivity of the organism (that is, reduces its an allergic reaction), increases the amount of hemoglobin, lowers the ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate), decreases viscosity and coagulation of blood, lowers blood pressure, affects metabolism, in some, cases increases diurez (separation of urine). Bee venom has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the patient, enhances its tone, operability, improves sleep and appetite. Treatment of several diseases of the pčeloužaleniem it is advisable to combine with the obŝeozdorovitel′nymi activities. Solar Baths (moderate tanning), air baths, swimming enhance the effects of treatment with bee venom, improve metabolism in the body and contribute to a more rapid resorption of infiltrates after stinging.

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