Periodontitis: gum treatment at home folk remedies

Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease of the gums, bleeding, secretion of purulent contents, shakiness of teeth.

If timely measures are not taken to treat the disease, it can have serious consequences.

At the initial stage, the symptoms of periodontitis can be treated at home..

Possible Causes of Periodontitis

Пародонтит лечения десен в домашних условиях народными средствами

The main cause of the inflammatory process of the gums is plaque that accumulates for a long time.. that hardens with age, turning into tartar. It destroys the soft tissues of the periodontium, they have pockets. Subsequently, the gums become inflamed and the teeth become loose.

Factors, affecting the development of the disease:

  • pathogens, remaining on the teeth due to poor oral hygiene.
  • Stagnation of blood in periodontal tissues due to the intake of soft foods, not producing pressure on the jaw. A charitable environment is being created for the active development of various infections.
  • Incorrect placement of prostheses, crowns, filling, in which gum injury occurs.
  • Small frenulum of the tongue and lips.
  • Improper development of the dentition (malocclusion, crooked teeth). With such anomalies, an uneven load on the gum occurs., the process of self-cleaning of the mouth worsens.
  • The presence of certain systemic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular and endocrine system, metabolic disease. They weaken the body's defenses.
  • Sometimes the development of periodontitis is influenced by a hereditary factor..

Typical symptoms of periodontitis

At the very beginning of the disease, it occurs in the form of gingivitis.. There is swelling of the gums, their bleeding. At this stage, the development of periodontitis can be prevented.. But if you do not start treatment, disease will progress.

The first stage of periodontitis has mild symptoms. It is evidenced by the appearance of blood when eating or brushing your teeth.. Inflammation of the periodontal ligament, periodontal pockets are formed.

  • discharge of purulent exudate from under pockets;
  • increased sensitivity of the gums to temperature extremes and chemicals;
  • looseness and misalignment of teeth;
  • bad breath;
  • change in taste;
  • chewing dysfunction.

These signs most often indicate a chronic form of periodontitis..

During an exacerbation, the temperature may rise, the patient feels general weakness. If the disease is left untreated, you can lose your teeth.

General recommendations for the treatment of periodontitis

Пародонтит лечения десен в домашних условиях народными средствами

The sooner to start gum treatment for periodontitis, the higher the chance to get rid of it. Before treating periodontitis at home, need to visit a dentist. He will assess the condition of the oral cavity, remove tartar, which causes periodontitis.

It is important not only to remove the symptoms, but also eliminate the cause of inflammation. The doctor may prescribe a set of measures for treatment, including pharmaceutical preparations and folk therapy.

First of all, it is necessary to establish thorough oral hygiene.. This will protect it from the accumulation of pathogenic microorganisms.. It is useful to do gum massage at home.

With clean fingers of both hands, move from top to bottom and vice versa. After the end of the procedure, it is useful to rinse with an antiseptic decoction of chamomile..

External antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ointments and gels have a good therapeutic effect..

Пародонтит лечения десен в домашних условиях народными средствами

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How to treat periodontitis with the most effective folk remedies?

These methods are effective only at the initial stage of periodontitis.. They help reduce symptoms, alleviate the human condition. They should be used in conjunction with other treatments..

Effective folk remedies for periodontitis:

  • Finely chop the garlic (1 no. spoon), mix it with dried black tea (1 no. spoon). Pour 200 ml of boiling water and leave on 1/3 o'clock. Rinse your mouth with strained infusion for 7 minutes twice a day.
  • To massage inflamed gums, mix fir and sea buckthorn oils (you can take fish oil) 1:1. Means to process a piece of gauze and massage the gums about 5 minutes. The procedure should be carried out twice a day. The tool will help relieve swelling and stop bleeding.
  • Pour into a dark glass container 25 g propolis. Pour it up 100 g alcohol. shake up, to dissolve the propolis. Pour more into the bowl 25 g of dry St. John's wort and infuse the composition 15 days. Stir sometimes. Strain the infusion. Use for rinsing, spreading 20 drops 100 ml of water. Rinse time 3-4 minutes 4 once a day.
  • Wash and chop the banana skin. Mix with fine sea salt (3 spoons) and olive oil. You should get the consistency of thick sour cream.. The mixture is lubricated with inflamed gums in the morning and evening. (do not spit out saliva for 10 minutes).
  • Pour 2 spoons of St. John's wort ½ l of cold water and boil. Keep on fire after boiling 5 minutes. Cool the broth and strain. Use as a daily rinse 2 times.
  • Take 2 glass containers. fall asleep in one 30 calamus root. in the other - propolis. Pour each ½ liter of vodka. insist means 2 of the week, then strain. Take for mouthwash 2 no. tablespoons of calamus and 1 no. a spoonful of propolis. Breed 100 ml of water. The procedure is carried out 3 times a day 5 minutes.

What is not recommended for periodontitis?

Пародонтит лечения десен в домашних условиях народными средствами

Treatment of periodontitis requires some restrictions. First you need to establish proper nutrition. It is not recommended to take sweet, fat, as well as carbonated drinks. They can be introduced into the diet later, and then in limited quantities.

It is impossible to install metal-ceramic prostheses with periodontitis. They create a strong load. And the teeth need depulpation and grinding. This also cannot be done with this disease.. Modern technology allows the use of very light glass-ceramic crowns..

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Measures to prevent periodontitis

Easier to take preventive measures, how long to treat it. However, periodontitis cannot be completely cured., especially its advanced stages.

Basic Prevention Measures:

  • regular thorough oral hygiene;
  • going to the dentist twice a year;
  • proper nutrition and the rejection of bad habits;
  • strengthening immunity (fortification, Hardening, physical exercise).

Treatment of periodontitis at home is possible only at the initial stage of the disease. Only after visiting a specialist can therapeutic measures be taken.. Folk remedies can not cure periodontitis. They can only be an auxiliary measure of complex therapy..

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