Osteoporosis, symptoms and treatment at home folk methods. Osteoporosis is cancer?

Osteoporosis is a disease, characterized by decreased bone mass and bone quality. Bones become weak and break more easily.

Osteoporosis is cancer?

No, osteoporosis is not cancer, however, it may occur as a complication after treatment for bone cancer.

Cancer treatments, which can cause bone loss:

  • Corticosteroids (prednisone and dexamethasone)
  • Methotrexate
  • High-dose bone irradiation, bearing the weight load (legs, hips, spine)

Known, that osteoporosis is more common in women, than men. Before that, it was considered, that lack of calcium is associated with hormonal imbalance in menopause women. However, it is not.

After 50-55 years, not every woman goes to a medical institution with osteoporosis. Let's look at the causes of calcium deficiency in the body.

Osteoporosis: General information

Osteoporosis is a disease, manifested by increased bone loss, weakening of the bone structure and a high tendency to fractures. The disease is more common in the elderly, as well as in menopausal women.

Osteoporosis is considered a serious pathology of the bones of the knee joint., spine, hip joint, upper and lower limb bones. Has low bone mass, change in bone structure, high risk of brittleness, tendency to break.

Many doctors call osteoporosis “calm killer”, because for several years it does not manifest itself in any way, i.e. no symptoms. During this time, the patient does not experience a gradual decrease in bone mass., which will soon lead to unexpected fractures even under light load.

Causes of osteoporosis

Calcium, an important element for bones, like any other, enters our body with food and is very important, for it to be adopted. Otherwise, problems start., associated with osteoporosis.

Primarily, need to pay attention to ordinary products, which we use. As it is known, main sources of organic calcium are red meat, kefir and a number of other fermented milk products, fish, cottage cheese, milk, cottage cheese and sour cream.

Get checked out by a doctor and find out, how well calcium is absorbed in your body, to rule out digestive problems.

Indigestion in Tibetan medicine is called "smear", i.e. indigestion.

This condition sometimes proceeds according to the so-called "hot" type., if the daily diet is dominated by meat, fried, smoked, acute, salty and very fatty foods, and there is alcohol.

It is very irritating to the liver., causing it to synthesize an excess amount of bile, digestion is rebuilt, frequent loose stools appear, and the food seems to fly out of the body.

This phenomenon occurs in people, pertaining to the constitution “Bile”. They are very active, impulsive, explosive, demanding, touchy, emotional, lean or stocky with flushed cheeks even in old age.

Other features “gall” man: bright, eyes that radiate energy, whose sclera give off yellowness, oily facial skin, warm hands and feet, tendency to hair loss.

Too many toxins accumulate in the blood, contributing to the development of varicose veins “hot type” due to saturation of blood vessels with hot elements. Urine with a strong odor, she has a bright yellow color.

The stomach of such people has a lot of mucus, they are lethargic, slow digestion with frequent constipation.

This is due to the consumption of cold foods., increasing mucus: dairy products from the fridge, porridge, potatoes, flour products, sandwiches with ham, everything is cold.

It would seem, everything is fine: high in calcium. But due to the large amount of mucus in the stomach and intestines, normal digestion and absorption of useful trace elements is impossible., including calcium.

At “cold” lack of spices, salt, which not only warm food, but also improve digestion by stimulating the production of juices and digestive enzymes.

And some are addicted to drinking water, which also applies to cold products. Even at room temperature, the water temperature is below body temperature by 12-14 degrees.

Imagine, how much energy is needed to warm it up to body temperature. Drinking cold water with cold food, there is no chance of normal digestion.

In this state of affairs, the blood is saturated with toxins., metabolism slows down, veins are affected with the development of cold-type varicose veins.

Such professions are more susceptible to this, like waiters, teachers and hairdressers, long standing.

Nutrition and digestion are unstable, they suffer from bloating, constipation and diarrhea, belching and gas in the intestines.

“wind people” eat on the run, eat fast food (sandwiches, juices). Occasionally overeat, because during the day they get carried away with something and forget to eat on time.

Is addicted to alcohol. coffee, sweet, tea and smoking. It leaves its mark on digestion.

Symptoms of osteoporosis

As said above, Osteoporosis does not show up in the early stages.. A little later, the following symptoms appear:

  1. Fractures occur even with minor injuries. The most dangerous is a fracture of the femoral neck, often breaks the humerus.
  2. During physical exertion, the patient complains of pain in large tubular bones..
  3. Severe thoracic kyphosis, pain in the spine.
  4. Decreased bone growth.
  5. Spinal contraction, vertebral fractures.

Osteoporosis - home treatment

Egg shell for osteoporosis

Many people throw away their eggshells., without hesitation – is it useful or not. By the way, he contains 90% organic calcium, easily absorbed by the body. Furthermore, the shell has yet 27 very useful trace elements.

The chemical composition of the shell is in many ways similar to the bone tissue of the teeth., bones. More 15 for years, German and Hungarian doctors have studied this unique product. The result of clinical observations exceeded all expectations.

Patients, regularly using this product, began to notice positive changes: hair grows better, nails, asthma attacks stopped, constipation, insomnia, irritability. Undoubtedly, they completely disappeared signs of osteoporosis of the spine, bones.

The egg shell also helps to remove radioactive elements from the body., absolutely no contraindications, side effects.

How to use eggshells to treat osteoporosis at home


  • One bottle of good cognac.
  • Shell 10 homemade chicken eggs, preferably white, because it dissolves faster in citric acid.
  • 1kg of natural honey.

First, wash the egg shells well with running water., put in a glass jar, pour lemon juice, so that the shell is completely covered. We warm the container with a warm scarf and leave it for several days, until the shell dissolves under the influence of citric acid.

Strain the contents through a sieve, add cognac, previously dissolved in 1 kg of honey. Mix all ingredients, bottled and placed in the refrigerator. Shake the medicine before use.

Other folk remedies for osteoporosis

Osteoporosis can be treated at home with compresses, ointments, rubbing.

pepper patch

This patch is easy to buy in pharmacies. Pepper band-aid is applied to the affected area: ulnar, hip, knee or other joint.

Horseradish compress

Unpleasant symptoms can be treated at home with horseradish root. Grinding raw materials, put on the sore joint, cover with a soft cloth and foil, fix with a bandage. Hold the compress until you feel a tingling sensation., burning.

Then the place of the compress is washed with water and soap.. The procedure is carried out three times a week..

Treatment of osteoporosis with red pepper

IN 250 ml of high-quality vodka, it is necessary to dissolve a piece of camphor, 1Article. l. red pepper. Close the container with a lid, insist for a few days, shaking from time to time. Symptoms will disappear in the elderly, suffering from osteoporosis, if at home lubricate the skin around the knee with a medicinal mixture, hip, shoulder, elbow joints.

Ointment based on comfrey

100 g crushed dry roots of comfrey, pour 50 ml of pure olive oil, insist 2-3 day. We filter, melt down 40 g beeswax, add a glass of castor oil to it, 20 drops of lavender essential oil and strained olive oil.

Pour the finished ointment mixture into tinted glass jars, store in refrigerator. When symptoms of osteoporosis appear, lubricate problem areas. The drug provides restoration of bones after an injury, fracture.

Tincture klopogona from osteoporosis

The prescription is effective for the treatment of osteoporosis in women, because the plant improves hormonal levels, preventing bone destruction. How to treat osteoporosis with black cohosh tincture at home?

We insist thirty days 100g of dry raw materials in 1 l pure alcohol, we filter. Take one dessert spoon in the morning on an empty stomach. We are treated 4 of the week, as long as possible, but not more than three months. Break 1 month, after which it is possible to repeat the treatment. As practice has shown, several such courses completely relieve the patient of osteoporosis.

Recommendations for the Prevention of Osteoporosis

Persons with a constitution “bile” reduce meat consumption to 2-3 once a week (it's more for older people). It must be remembered, that red meat is very hard to digest: lamb, horse, beef and veal.

White meat takes second place, and fish is the best. Fish and meat are recommended to be eaten stewed or boiled with spices., viscous, bitter and sweet taste.

Hot spices and salt are limited to 6-8 grams per day for one month, then moderately return to normal diet, not to much “cool” organism and not to provoke indignation “Winds”.

Onions and garlic are not eaten for thirty days, but they cannot be completely excluded.! Quince has a tart taste, persimmon, coffee and tea without sugar and milk. Seasoning - Nutmeg.

You can not get carried away with sugar and honey - they warm up the body. Showing milk and dairy products: kefir, goat curd, ryazhenka, cream, cottage cheese and yogurt.

Calcium supply can be obtained from fresh vegetables, but they are better managed with non-vegetable oil, but sour cream, fruit vinegar or soy sauce. healthy fruits: tangerines, bananas, oranges and avocados.

Preferably fruit salads, seasoned with sour cream.

people with a constitution “Wind” and “Slime” Tibetan medicine recommends warming up your body in four hot ways.

1. hot lifestyle These are constant movements and physical activity at home and at work.. It is not necessary to do complex sports exercises, it is enough to regularly walk outdoors in the park, forest, etc..

2. hot food. You can not "heat" the stove with raw firewood, where food is digested - stomach and duodenum. Should be customized for products, salty, sharp and sour taste.

If you really want raw vegetables, which are considered cold in nature, season them with spicy spices: horseradish. pepper, mustard, garlic, onion. They will be easily and fully absorbed, without making fat.

Hard cheeses are very rich in calcium., but do the same with them., like with vegetables. Once every seven days you can eat cottage cheese with ginger or honey. the latter will warm him.

3. Warming herbal teas based on medicinal plants. Produced by the company "Naranfito" according to the old recipes of Tibetan medicine: Tibetan tea №47 ("Wind") and #48 ("Slime).

At home, you can make tea with the addition of ginger, cinnamon or cloves.

4. Hot external treatments. Is it a bath or sauna, massage, warming with wormwood cigars and stone therapy.

How is stone therapy performed?

Heating flat stones, collected on the river, in the oven at a temperature 45-55 degrees. Lying on his stomach, apply hot stones to the lower back, wrapped in a towel. Keep until chilled - approx. 15-20 minutes.

Applying hot stones to the soles of the feet, we warm the kidneys, since the meridians of the kidneys are located in this area.

How to warm up the body with wormwood cigars

Polynya cigars can be purchased at the pharmacy. We set fire to the cigar and with the smoldering end we make circular movements at a distance 1-2 cm from the skin over each kidney for five minutes.

You can warm up with a cigar the area of ​​u200bu200bthe abdomen 1-2 minutes before, until it gets hot enough.

Heating with polynya cigars improves digestion, calcium absorption and prevents osteoporosis, flatulence, stone formation, provides prevention of gastritis, duodenitis, polyps.

conclusions: Now you know what osteoporosis is, symptoms and treatment at home. The disease is serious, but there are many chances for a cure. Be patient, consult with your doctor and start a complex treatment.

Treatment of osteoporosis with the help of traditional medicine recipes also includes the use of such remedies., like honey and mummy. Honey is added to herbal decoctions for better absorption and sweetening of the drink.. To enrich the diet with calcium, a mixture of honey is prepared., crushed eggshell and lemon juice. This medicine is eaten several teaspoons a day.. Shells must be taken from boiled eggs or boiled separately for disinfection.


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