Neuroma - what is this disease, the cause of the? Description, symptoms of the disease and prevention of neuroma

Meningitis - treatment of the disease. Symptoms and prevention of disease meningitis

Neuroma - a benign type of tumor, which strikes the seventh pair of cranial nerves (ie - the auditory nerve) and begins to develop from the vestibular parts.

Neuroma - Causes

If we talk about the causes of this disease, then finally they define modern medicine has not been able. With great probability and confidence can only be called a cause of the disease: predisposition, which was transferred by inheritance.

Also, Among the indirect causes of the attendance of the patient neurofibromatosis - that is, the disease, which is manifested in such symptoms and signs, as the occurrence of fibroids in various parts of the body.

Another interesting fact, that neurofibromatosis is also a problem, which can send both inherited. If the parents had a similar gene, the likelihood, that the child will be born with the same disease, approximately fifty percent.

symptoms neuromas

Symptoms and signs of neuroma small (up to two centimeters)call the following symptoms:

  • The tumor compresses the part of the nerve, which performs the function of the vestibular. This symptom causes loss of balance (This occurs in about sixty percent of the cases), It has featured dizziness and unsteadiness.
  • If education has squeezed the facial nerve - face numb, manifested tingling of the skin on the side, where the nerve is pinched).Also, including signs and symptoms, doctors say a breach of taste.
  • If the tumor is in surrender of the cochlear nerve - is in most cases will result in some hearing loss (about ninety-five percent of the cases).

If the disease progresses and the size of it reached the value of the walnut, will appear more drastic symptoms and signs: almost complete deafness, rapid eye movement, decreased corneal sensitivity (ninety percent of the cases), disturbed taste.

If the tumor reaches a large size (eg, egg) - among the signs and symptoms of the disease will be blurred vision and mental health, swallowing disorder.

Neuroma - Diagnosis

For, to make a diagnosis of the disease need to identify hearing loss, that is - to record an audiogram. An MRI and CT scan, and hold the text, which will help to identify a nystagmus (electronystagmography).

Neuroma - Types of diseases

By type of neuroma structure divided into:

  • epileptoidnye. They are characterized by a dense arrangement of tumor cells with a small amount of fibers.
  • angiomatous. Tumors have a variety of cavernous cavities, which are formed due to pathological vasodilation.
  • Ksantomatoznyye. Tumors of this type exhibit ksantohromnyh plurality of cells with a high content of pigment.

In terms of localization, the most common are spinal neurinoma, the auditory nerve and plantar nerve.

neuroma treatment

Depending on the location, the size and type of tumor, oncologist can prescribe various medical treatments. The most common method of treating neuroma - Surgical.

Neuroma - Complications

Since this is benign, neuroma removal does not lead to relapse.

Prevention neuromas

To date, there is no neuroma prevention methods.