The morphology of the causative agent of malaria in four-colored blood products

Trophozoites this type are similar to those P. vivax and are of two types:

  • amoeboid - Compact formation with the nucleus and one large mild pseudopod;
  • ribbon-like - Young extended across erythrocyte as a narrow band, and adults occupy almost the whole red blood cell in the form of a wide band (square).

Возбудитель четырехдневной малярии в мазке и в толстой капле крови

Nucleus stretched along the body of the parasite, pigment - along the other edge. Ribbon-like schizonts in other species of human malaria parasites are not found. Morula comprises 6-12 (more 8) merozoitov, arranged in a cluster around the outlet golden yellow pigment.

Gametocitы somewhat less gametocytes P. vivax and do not exceed, and sometimes even smaller than the erythrocyte.

Infected erythrocytes not changed (sometimes they can reveal scant grain Tsimana). In the peripheral blood at the same time revealed all stages of Plasmodium with the predominance of any one.

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