Methods for detection of the simplest method of preservation in the feces

In the study of this method is simple, parasites in the intestines, recorded in the feces preservative. Morphological signs of vegetative forms and cysts being kept unchanged during long period.

The reagents for the detection of protozoa

  • The preservative Barrow: and) preservative solution (0,7 ml of sodium chloride, 5 ml concentrated formalin, 12,5 ml of ethyl alcohol 96 %, 2 g crystalline phenol, 100 ml distilled water); to) staining solution (0,01 % thionine solution and Azura). Barrow preservative used in cases, when the study material is preserved for a month.
  • Preservative Safaralieva (1,65 zinc sulfate, 10 ml canned formalin, 2,5 g crystalline phenol, 5 ml of concentrated acetic acid, 0,2 g methylene blue, 100 ml distilled water). The preservative used when Safaralieva, When preserved material must be stored for more than a month of research.

Methods of detecting the simplest method of preservation

Preservative bottled of penicillin to about half its volume. Specimen from each patient immediately after taking is transferred into vials in an amount, corresponding to about 1/3 amount of preservative. With the help of sticks, an emulsion of feces. The vial closed with a rubber stopper, which are fixed with adhesive tape. At each vial label must be, containing data about the inspected.

Before examining the preserved material is not stirred. A drop of bottom sediment pipetted onto a glass slide and carefully stir with a wooden stick or glass to form an emulsion. If the material has been collected in a preservative Barrow, add a drop of dye. Thereafter, the drug is covered with a cover glass, and viewed with a high magnification microscope. In some cases, it is advisable to use an oil immersion.

Evaluation of the results of research

Viewers two or three drug, Noting all the Detect. Differentiate they should be on the same grounds, have been described for the preparation, colored solution Lugol. Must be, However, consider, what, Unlike Lugol, Dyes, preservatives used in, not okrashivaюt glycogen, but can detect chromatin body. The structure is simple preservatives stained blue.

The internal structure of balantidiums canned material becomes indistinguishable, therefore determined by felt-layer of cilia at the cell periphery. In the absence of methionine, or you can use Azure 0,01 % methylene blue solution.

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