Methods of treatment of bee venom

When treating a patient first undergoes stung a stinging bee, sting is removed through 5-10 from. The next day the procedure was repeated, sting but left in the skin for one minute. After each samples do urine test for sugar and protein. If the patient is well and suffered both samples had not changed the composition of urine, it is possible to start treatment with bee venom.

Depending on the patient and nature of the disease the doctor will determine the dose makes the poison, and the appropriate treatment regimen.

In the treatment of bees stung take special tweezers or fingers to the back of the abdomen and is applied to the desired area of ​​the skin, pre-washed with warm soapy water. After stinging sting is taken out through a 10-15 m, ie after, how the poison got into the skin. Wound smeared with boron or any other petroleum jelly. The patient has to lie down after a sting 20-25 m. Mandatory blood tests.

The reaction of the patient to the individual sting, and even parts of the body react differently to the venom.

The therapeutic effect of bee stinging increases significantly, if involved acupressure points or directly painful place – It increases the body's resistance and at the same time reducing the number of local and systemic allergic reactions.

Attention: bee venom therapy should only be done under medical supervision,

The diet in the treatment of bee venom:

  • limit to the minimum table salt, bread and sweets;
  • increase the consumption of milk, fermented milk products, vegetables, fruit and vitamin C. (to 500 mg for 3 admission);
  • reduce the consumption of meat products.

Attention: a gross violation of the diet, in particular the use of food salt, It can lead to alopecia mikronekrozu in the heart muscle.

Selecting a location stings depend on the nature of the disease.

Attention: women and the elderly during the above procedures need to reduce the number of stings, Children up to 15 s procedures are assigned according to age.

In all diseases to maintain therapeutic effect in a year it is recommended to repeat the course of treatment.

In winter, it is advisable to apply ointment Apizatron (rub it can only be four minutes after application to the skin). The method of administration of bee venom by rubbing ointments convenient for its simplicity, but it remains unclear, a number of drugs ingested.

For a more complete penetration poison when rubbing ointments their composition include salicylic acid and silicate. Salicylic acid dissolves the horny layer of the skin, and silicate violates its integrity, that contributes to a better absorption of bee venom. Перед втиранием мази больное место обмывают теплой водой с мылом и делают горячий компресс. Берут 2-3 г мази и втирают ее чистой рукой в течение двух-трех минут. Втирания производят утром и вечером или только вечером, depending on the condition of the patient. A course of treatment – две-три недели.


  • Чрезмерная чувствительность к пчелиному яду (она встречается у 2% patients);
  • Infectious diseases (в частности сепсис, воспалительные процессы в легких, tissue);
  • Pulmonary tuberculosis, bronchi, суставов и других органов;
  • Психические болезни, органические заболевания центральной нервной системы;
  • Болезни печени и желчевыводящих путей;
  • Pancreatitis;
  • Нефриты, нефрозы, pyelitis, kidney stone disease;
  • The disease of the adrenal cortex;
  • Diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs;
  • Malignancies.

Attention: not recommended for the treatment of bee venom during pregnancy and during menstruation.

Thus, Although bee venom and is a very effective treatment of many diseases, if misused it can cause harm. Therefore, for the treatment requires a thorough examination of the patient and regular doctor's guidance and supervision.

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