Levomecol: instructions for using the medicine, structure, Contraindications

Title: Levomecol (Levomecol)

Active ingredients: Chloramphenicol, Methyluracil

Levomecol: structure

1.0 g of ointment contains:
– chloramphenicol 0.0075g;
– methyluracil 0.04 g.
The basis is polyethylene oxide 1500 and polyethylene 400.

Levomecol: pharmachologic effect

Levomecol – combined preparation, which contains the antibiotic chloramphenicol and the immunostimulating agent methyluracil.
Chloramphenicol is effective against most bacteria, rickettsia, spirochetes and chlamydia. The bacteriostatic effect is due to the inhibition of protein biosynthesis in the cell of the microorganism.. Gram-positive aerobic and anaerobic bacteria are sensitive to the action of the drug., including Clostridium perfringens, Streptococcus spp., Staphylococcus spp.; Gram-negative anaerobic and aerobic bacteria. The development of resistance of microorganisms to the drug is relatively slow. The presence of pus does not reduce the antimicrobial activity of the antibiotic..
Methyluracil is involved in nucleic acid metabolism, positively affects the process of tissue regeneration in wounds, acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. The dehydrating properties of the ointment are given by polyethylene oxides., which are its basis.

Levomecol: Indications for use

– Sores;
– sores;
– purulent-inflammatory skin diseases;
– boils;
– burns 2-3 degrees;

Levomecol: mode of application

Outwardly. The ointment is applied to sterile wipes, which loosely fills the wound. Daily change of napkins is shown until the wound is cleansed. It is allowed to introduce the ointment into the purulent cavities with a syringe after preheating to a temperature 35-36 degrees Celsius.

Levomecol: side effects

Allergic reactions.

Levomecol: Contraindications


Levomecol: pregnancy

It should be taken into account, that with prolonged use and extensive wound surfaces, there is the possibility of absorption and resorptive action.

Levomecol: overdose

Overdose is unlikely.

Levomecol: release form

Ointment (twbı, containing 25.0g, 30,0g or 40.0 g of the preparation).

Levomecol: storage conditions

Not regulated.

Levomecol: pharmacological group

  • Antimicrobial and antiparasitic agents
    • Antibiotics
      • Levomycetins

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