Comedones (acne, acne): what is this, causes, symptoms, diagnostics, treatment, prevention

Comedones; Skin bumpsacne-like; Acne-like skin bumps; Whiteheads; Blackheads

Comedones are a disease., which manifests itself as a small inflammation of the soft tissues under the skin layer. Comedones are often the cause of the appearance of tubercles in areas of the subcutaneous integument., how on face, as well as on the body. They may be painful or non-painful and look like blisters., which may come and go throughout the day. Comedones can appear in any age group and affect people with weak immune systems the most..

A hard core can often be seen in the center of a small tubercle.. Open comedones are acne , and closed - whiteheads.

Causes of comedones

The main cause of comedones is the stay in the subcutaneous region of fungal and viral infections.. Besides, they can be caused by prolonged exposure to a humid environment, proper hygiene conditions, use of low-quality cosmetic products, malnutrition and improper dressing.

Symptoms of comedones

Redness is the main symptom of comedones., inflammation, burning, swelling and enlargement of soft tissues under the skin layer. Painful and red patches of skin may also appear..

Diagnosis of comedones

To diagnose comedones, the doctor first examines and examines the disease., and then applies several diagnostic methods, such as a blood test, bacteriological analysis and biopsy.

Treatment of comedones

Creams and ointments with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties may be prescribed for the treatment of comedones.. Besides, antibiotics may be prescribed, antiviral drugs and immunostimulating drugs.

Prevention of comedones

For the prevention of comedones, it is necessary to adhere to proper hygiene rules., monitor immunity and use high-quality cosmetic products. It is also necessary to adhere to the correct diet and the norm of physical activity..

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