Constipation: how to cleanse the intestines with folk remedies at home

Nowadays, there are more and more different chronic diseases., and most people wonder where? Sure, many factors: ecology, stresses, Unhealthy Lifestyle, lack of time…

However, there is one factor, about which it is not customary to speak, but nonetheless, It is he who is decisive in the occurrence of chronic diseases - in 90% cases. Is not nothing, like a banal constipation: stool, lingering in the intestines, pollute our body, as no ecological catastrophe can do this.

Toxins and toxins are absorbed into the blood, causing not only discomfort and disease, but also premature aging. Most often constipation, strange as it may seem, occur in developed countries, where the quality of life is very high - so constipation is even called the disease of civilization.

What is constipation? If the bowel is not emptied for more than a day, then that's what he is, although many people consider a stool once every two or even three days to be the norm.

Meanwhile, any expert will tell you, that cleansing the body should begin with the intestines. Sure, if the disease has already gone far, you should seek medical advice, however, if folk remedies are applied in time, then you can do it on your own.

Let's talk first about the signs and causes of constipation.. When Unexplained Headaches Occur, dizziness, drowsiness and apathy, irritability and withdrawal, obsessive negative thoughts - few people associate these conditions with intestinal slagging. However, all these signs are secondary., and with them such unpleasant manifestations are observed, like bad breath, decreased appetite, coated tongue, heaviness and bloating in the abdomen, insufficient stool. That's when it becomes clear, that the cause is "deposits" in the intestines, from which it is not so easy to get rid of.

Cause of constipation high-calorie refined food

The most common cause of constipation is high-calorie refined foods - this is how people eat in big cities. vegetables, fruit, cereals, green, wholemeal bread in our diet is clearly not enough, and we used to satisfy our hunger with sandwiches, coffee and tea, especially at work.

This habit leads to, that very little stool is produced in the intestines, and the bowel reflex is blunted. In this case, the intestines may not be emptied for several days., masses begin to condense, are compressed - after all, after this, new portions of refined food arrive, And most people drink very little water..

As a result, constipation becomes persistent, and even if the stool then becomes regular, hidden forms of constipation remain. And if we add sedentary work to this, constant fatigue and stress, then you get a complete classic picture. Besides, constipation is always accompanied by dysbacteriosis.

Cause of constipation forced retention of stool

Another cause of constipation. caused by the peculiarities of our civilization - the modern way of life, there is a forced stool retention. These situations, related to living and working conditions, familiar to all of us.

When the child is at school, adults are at work, often have to suppress the bowel reflex. Decreased nerve activity and sensitivity, bowel function becomes lifeless, and one gradually gets used to it, and then feeling bad.

Meanwhile, processes, occurring in such cases inside the intestine, just terrifying: in the process of digestion of refined food abundantly enters the intestines, its parts are glued to its folds. These particles then lose moisture and become hard, they are overlaid with new, and it lasts for years. As a result, the walls of the intestines become like sewer pipes., bruised and corroded.

Why bring your body to such a nightmare? After all, we have only one health, and if we destroy it, no one else will give instead. So start taking care of your intestines on time.

To get started, get into the habit of maintaining optimal water balance in the body - this will help the intestines always work normally.. In the morning, immediately after waking up or brushing your teeth, drink a glass of melted water.. Do it every day, and you will be able to maintain health and beauty longer.

Herbal laxatives for colon cleansing

Vegetable oil helps, especially olive. The bowel works great in this case., however, the oil must be taken every morning, and also on an empty stomach. Warm cabbage brine has a mild laxative effect - just drink half a glass on an empty stomach.

Of all herbal laxatives, rowan tincture can be considered the best.. Because it's easy to cook, and it gives a wonderful effect.. You need to have time to collect red rowan berries before the onset of frost or buy them on the market.

Thoroughly washed berries are poured into a liter jar - in layers, alternating with sugar, to the very top. Mark the neck of the jar with gauze and put it in the sun, until the sugar dissolves. After that, the jar must be placed in a dark place on 3 of the week, but watch out, so that the sugar does not play. The syrup is then filtered, squeeze the berries and add alcohol, calculated 25 d of 0,5 l syrup. This tincture is drunk in the morning on an empty stomach., by tablespoon. Even with persistent constipation, this bowel cleanser is fairly quick and gentle..

Another proven herbal laxative is flax seeds., which can be bought at any pharmacy today. Pour a teaspoon with a glass of boiling water over 5 hours before sleep, and before going to bed, drink the infusion and eat the seeds.

A special salad will help cleanse the intestines. That's what they call it - "umbrella" salad, besides, it helps to lose weight. This salad is made from white cabbage., carrots, beetroot and stalked celery. Cabbage is shredded, and other vegetables are grated. Salad does not need to be salted., And don't add oil either.. With low acidity, sauerkraut can be added to the salad.

Enema is a proven way to cleanse the intestines

To cleanse the intestines, you can use such a proven method., like an enema. Can be administered through an enema not water, and decoctions of herbs: dandelions, Calendula, Chamomile, Wormwood. However, it should be remembered, that an enema is a radical way of cleansing, and use it often.

Polyphepan, enterosorbent for bowel cleansing

In addition to well-known folk remedies, Polyphepan can be used to cleanse the intestines, enterosorbent of plant origin. This substance has the ability to absorb not only pathogenic microbes, but also toxins and salts of heavy metals, and even excess cholesterol.

Bowel cleansing with polyphepan can be carried out for 7-10 days. It is sold in any pharmacy without a prescription.. The contents of the package must be transferred to a jar and pour cold boiled water, so that its level is about two fingers higher. Take a teaspoon one hour before meals, drinking water, it's desirable 4 once a day. All this time you will have to stick to a vegetarian diet., adding some dairy products. It is advisable to have dinner no later than 18 hours.

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