How to be treated with mumiyo?

Medicinal properties of mumiyo

Avicenna knew a lot about the healing properties of mumiyo asil and wrote. Mumijo, as stated in oriental manuscripts, gives strength to the human body and especially his heart. A good result is achieved in the treatment of the following diseases and disorders:

Ulcers of the stomach and duodenum, intestinal disorders, liver disease, hemorrhoids, rheumatism, purulent-infectious wounds, burns, purulent ulcers, bone tuberculosis processes, headache, migraine, chills, dizziness, epilepsy, general paralysis and paralysis of the facial nerve, breast inflammation, bleeding from the lungs, inflammatory and allergic chronic diseases, sore throat, cold, bronchial asthma, catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, cough; erosion, inflammation, defects in the tissues of the female genital organs and other female diseases, male and female infertility, decreased sexual function, hypoaspermia (poor-quality semen in men), tromboflebit, radiculitis, diabetes.

Mumiyo also helps with poisoning, scorpion stings, stuttering, having a strengthening effect. Under the influence of mumiyo, the healing of bone fractures is accelerated, callus is formed on 8-17 days earlier than usual.

Shilajit is widely used in India in the treatment of asthma., TB, chronic bronchitis, urolithiasis, parasitic diseases of the skin and as an antiseptic. According to doctors in India, mummy – highly effective treatment for diabetes. Take it with milk or fruit juice. In Burma, mumiyo called "chas-tum" (blood from the mountain) considered to be strengthening, tuberculosis, as well as longevity promoting. It is used in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and as an expectorant..

Mumiye has a stimulating effect on the composition of peripheral blood, increases the number of red blood cells, increases hemoglobin.

Mumiyo regulates metabolic processes, normalizes the functional state of the body and in moderate doses has no contraindications for use. Should know, that mumiyo is afraid of temperatures above 37 ° C. High-quality shilajit should instantly dissolve in warm water without any signs of turbidity..

Indian mummy, Burmese, Japanese, Mongolian, etc.. have a similar quality, but differ in the ratio of individual parts. As a result of numerous studies, scientists have come to the conclusion, that scientific medicine is simply obliged to use mumiyo – this precious gift of nature. Now hundreds of all kinds of medicines and ointments based on mumiyo are sold in pharmacies. Domestic medicine does not yet have an accurate knowledge of the composition, and therefore the properties of various types of mumiyo, what, of course, affects the effectiveness of treatment, therefore, the centuries-old experience of traditional medicine becomes truly invaluable.

Shilajit application

Internal use of mumiyo

Diluted mumiyo should be taken on an empty stomach once or twice a day in the morning and evening. One course of treatment – 25-28 days. At an advanced stage of the disease, repeat the course after 10 days. The amount of mumiyo to take in certain doses, presented in the table below. It is desirable to dilute in milk in proportion 1:20.

Dosage of mumiyo depending on the person's weight

Human weight, kgSingle unit, gDaily dose for 28 days, gDose of 1 course of treatment for 28 days, gDose of 3 course of treatment for 28 days, gDose of 3 treatments, g
To 700,20,6175185
To 800,30,92575125
To 900,41,234102170
Above 900,51,542126210
Children up 1 year0,01-0, 020,03-0,060,64-1,682,52-5,044,2-8,4
Children 1 Year to 9 years0,050,154,212,621
Children 9 to 14 years0,10,38,425,242

Can also be diluted in water, adding honey to taste. It is useful to alternate breeding mumiyo with juices (grape, cucumber). During the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver needs to be on a diet.

Mumiyo can be taken early in the morning, right after waking up from sleep, or at night three hours after dinner. Taking mumiyo in the morning, more desirable 30-40 minutes in bed.

Contraindication: drinking alcohol while using shilajit.

In severe and chronic diseases, it is necessary to take mumiyo with medicinal herbs, recommended for a specific disease, dosing it depending on the person's weight.

External use of mumiyo

As an external agent (as an ointment or compress from a weak solution) mumiyo is used just before bedtime. To ointment, prepared with mumiyo, did not stick to hands, before rubbing it, lubricate your hands with boiled vegetable oil.

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