How to get rid of oily skin on the face: 11 advice, that really help!

As soon as you get out of the shower in the morning, your skin starts to shine again, and by noon your makeup will be gone. In your photos, the camera is displayed on the forehead, and you look like this, like you don't know, what is powder. This is especially bad in summer.. We will open useful tips, which will help against oily and oily skin on the face.

Causes of oily skin

If you have oily skin, it's because of that, that her pores produce a lot of sebum. But, you also have hypersensitive cell receptors, stimulating sebum production, and even at the slightest hormonal signals, sebum production increases above normal. The result is an oily sheen., acne, acne, and especially in the center of the face, the so-called T-zone. However, there are often very specific mistakes in care., which can cause oily skin.

10 tips for oily skin

One thing is certain: you can't change your skin type, so everything, what should be done, it is to learn how to get rid of the shine of fat on the face as much as possible. Primarily, this includes the right products for your skin.

#1 Regular cleansing for oily skin

Daily gentle cleaning helps to minimize more than just shine, but also to improve the condition of the skin. Wash your face morning and evening with a cleansing lotion or wash gel, which suits your skin. Wash everything off with cold water, to close the pores. And never forget to take off your makeup!

#2 Don't use exfoliators too often

Exfoliants are great for removing dirt and skin deposits on the skin and stimulating blood circulation.. Thus, problem skin, defective, becomes cleaner and cleaner. However, don't overdo it, because too much exfoliation can dry out the skin. Your oily skin will respond with increased sebum production.. Therefore, use peeling only for oily skin about twice a week.!

#3 The Right Moisturizer

Do you think, that your skin is sufficiently hydrated due to increased sebum production? Wrong. For if you do not properly moisturize the skin of the face, it can easily dry out and produce more sebum in response. Moisturizing products should be avoided, containing fatty ingredients, such as petroleum jelly or mineral oils. Lotions, containing oil, should also become taboo. They cause even more shine, and, like a film, even more clogging the pores of the face.

Instead, use an extra oil-free mattifying moisturizer with the right ingredients.. You should also always pay attention to the ingredients of sunscreen., it should also be fat-free.

#4 Use Salicylic Acid Products

Salicylic acid is one of the best products for removing scales from the surface of oily skin., especially in the T-zone. Besides, salicylic acid in lotions and creams or pure active ingredient cleanses the inner walls of sebum, and the pores appear smaller.

#5 The right makeup base for oily skin

If you have, usually, oily and shiny skin on the face, you should pay attention to some things, choosing a foundation. For Example, avoid using makeup with silicone or oils (So, many remedies actually contain something, what is enough for you). Instead, use non-comedogenic makeup or makeup specifically for oily skin..

№6 Powder for oily skin

After applying the foundation, you should mattify the entire face with powder and thus set the makeup at the same time.. However, oil-free powder should be used.: it not only creates a matte tone, but also protects from the sun, what you really need in summer.

№7 Spray for oily skin

To set makeup and mattify the face at the same time, you can use a spray. However, make sure, that it is specifically designed for oily skin and that it actually has a mattifying effect, rather than just fixing or refreshing.

№8 Healing clay

Regular masks or peels with therapeutic clay can be very effective for oily facial skin.. The clay draws sebum out of the pores and can mattify the skin for a long time.. By the way, healing clay also helps against acne!

#9 Reduce facial sweating

They, who has oily skin and large pores, often also prone to sweating. This naturally only enhances the shine on the face.. However, there are several home remedies and products, that can help.

You just need to apply aloe juice on the skin of the face.

Lotions from freshly brewed tea or herbal decoction will help prevent profuse sweating.. They should be done in the morning and evening after washing.. Do not rinse or towel dry until completely dry. Also, a decoction of herbs can be added to the water for washing..

Apple Cider Vinegar Effectively Helps Treat Hyperhidrosis Anywhere in the Body, including the face.

Based on it, you can make a means for daily washing.. To do this, take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and oak bark, mix and dilute 100 ml of water.

No. 10 Matting wipes

One of the easiest ways to care for oily skin is to simply wipe your face with gentle wipes., oil absorbent. They work like blotting paper. Glitter disappears in no time, and at least one or two hours. Little advice: if you do not have napkins on hand, they can easily be replaced with toilet paper!

#11 Proper nutrition

You can also fight oily skin with proper nutrition., as certain foods can stimulate the production of sebum and sweat, e.g. very fatty or spicy food. Junk food isn't good for your skin either.. Therefore, try to eat healthy and balanced foods., Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and above all drink plenty of water, it will provide the skin with moisture.

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