Research punctate posterior vaginal fornix

Cytology punctate back of the vaginal vault widely used in gynecological practice as a diagnostic method for investigating. By the number of punctate, its nature and microscopic picture can be seen on the nature of the pathological process and, Consequently, to deliver a more accurate diagnosis.

Bloody punctate probably indicates impaired ectopic pregnancy. Blood is not minimized, Although it contains small fibrin clots. Microscopic examination revealed the shadow of leached erythrocytes. Sometimes identified cells caduca (decidual). Bloody punctate can also be obtained at break, ovarian or other body.

Festering punctate can occur when an abscess in the pelvic cavity, Is consequently piosal- Pinks. This is subject to bacteriological examination punctate.

In the presence of punctate serous fluid you must make rivalta test and microscopic examination to determine the composition of the morphological elements. Bright watery liquid can get into the punctate of parovarian cyst, thus it will be detected by the elements, characteristic of cystic formations (fatty granular cells, cholesterol crystals, cell, lining the cyst cavity, and etc.), or it is an element of a violation of an ectopic pregnancy (amniotic fluid).

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