Fluorescein Novartis

Active material: Fluorescein Sodium
When ATH: S01JA01
CCF: Preparation for fluorescein angiography and Angioscopy in ophthalmology
When CSF: 30.04.01
Manufacturer: NOVARTIS PHARMA AG (Switzerland)


The solution for the on / in the dark orange color, clear.

1 ml1 amp.
fluorescein sodium100 mg500 mg,
which corresponds to the content of fluorescein acid88.4 mg442 mg

[Ring] Sodium hydroxide, water d / and.

5 ml – colorless glass vials (10) – packs cardboard.



Pharmacological action

Means for fluorescein angiography and Angioscopy in ophthalmology. Yellow-green fluorescence of the active substance allows to delimit the area of ​​vascularization from the surrounding tissue to improve visualization.





Diagnostic angiography or angioscopy in ophthalmology.


Dosage regimen

Enter the I / O by a special method. Visualization of vessels in the retina and choroidal vessels can be carried out through 9 and 14 minutes after administration.


Side effect

Nausea, headache, gastrointestinal disorders, syncope, vomiting, hives, hypotension, cardiac arrest, bronchospasm, basilar artery ischemia, shock, convulsions, thrombophlebitis at the injection site, in some cases – death.

If extravasation occurs severe pain at the injection site, and can be a dull ache in the corresponding limb.



Hypersensitivity Fluorescein.


Pregnancy and lactation

Angiography should be avoided during pregnancy, especially in the I trimester. Safety of fluorescein during pregnancy has not been studied. Fluorescein is excreted in breast milk. Be wary of lactation.



It is intended only for I / O administration and diagnostic procedures in ophthalmology.

To apply caution in patients with a history of instructions on allergic reactions, bronchospasm.

You should avoid extravasation during injection. Because of possible skin necrosis extravasation, superficial phlebitis, subcutaneous pellets, toxic optic neuritis at the injection site. When significant extravasation injection should be discontinued.


Drug Interactions


Conditions and terms

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