Active material: Lignin gidroliznyi
When ATH: A07BC
CCF: Enterosorbent
ICD-10 codes (testimony): A02, A03, A05, K30, K72, N18, T51, T56, T88.7
When CSF: 11.10
Manufacturer: STI-MED-SORB JSC (Russia)


Pills dark brown to grayish brown patches, ploskotsilindricheskoy form a facet and Valium.

1 tab.
Lignin gidroliznyi400 mg

Excipients: low molecular weight polyvinyl Medical (povidone), calcium stearate.

10 PC. – packings Valium planimetric (1) – packs cardboard.
10 PC. – packings Valium planimetric (2) – packs cardboard.
10 PC. – packings Valium planimetric (3) – packs cardboard.
10 PC. – packings Valium planimetric (5) – packs cardboard.
10 PC. – packings Valium planimetric (6) – packs cardboard.
10 PC. – plastic jars.
10 PC. – plastic bottles.
30 PC. – plastic jars.
30 PC. – plastic bottles.
50 PC. – plastic jars.
50 PC. – plastic bottles.
60 PC. – plastic jars.
60 PC. – plastic bottles.
100 PC. – plastic jars.
100 PC. – plastic bottles.


Pharmacological action

Enterosorbent natural origin. It consists of the hydrolysis products of components derevesiny – lignin polymer, structural elements which are derivatives of phenylpropane and hydrocellulose.

It has high sorption activity and non-specific detoxication effect. In the lumen of the gastrointestinal tract Filtrum®-STI binds and removes from the body pathogenic bacteria and bacterial toxins, medications, poisons, salts of heavy metals, alcohol, food allergens. The drug also absorbs some of the excess metabolism products (incl. bilirubin, cholesterol, urea), metabolites, responsible for the development of endogenous toxemia.

Filtirum®-STI is not toxic and is not absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract.



When administered drug is not absorbed and completely excreted through the intestine during the 24 no.



As a detoxifying agent in adults and children in the exogenous and endogenous intoxications of various origins:

- Acute poisoning by drugs, alkaloidami, salts of heavy metals, alcohol and other poisons;

- In the complex therapy of nutritional diseases, salmonelleze, dyzenteryy, dyspepsia;

- Chronic inflammatory diseases, accompanied by severe intoxication;

Hyperbilirubinemia and gïperazotemïï (hepatic and renal failure);

- Food and drug allergy;

- To prevent chronic poisoning among workers of hazardous industries.


Dosage regimen

The drug is taken orally, preferably after pre-crushing, drinking water, for 1 hour before a meal and other drug therapy.

The dose depends on the severity of the disease, age and body weight of the patient.

Age of the patientThe average single dose
to 1 year1/2 tab.
from 1 Year to 3 years1/2-1 tab.
from 4 years before 7 years1 tab.
from 7 years before 12 years1-2 tab.
from 12 and older2-3 tab.

The multiplicity of the drug – 3-4 times / day.

If necessary, on the recommendation of a doctor daily dose can be increased to 20-30 g 3-4 admission.

The duration of treatment for acute conditions – 3-5 days, allergic diseases and chronic intoxications – 14-21 day.

Repeated courses of treatment in 2 week on doctor's advice.


Side effect

Rarely: allergic reactions, constipation.

With prolonged use may impair the absorption of vitamins, Calcium.



- Aggravation of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer;

- Intestinal atony;

- Individual intolerance to the drug.


Pregnancy and lactation

Data on the safety of the drug Filtrum®-STI during pregnancy and lactation is not available.



Chronic administration recommended prophylactic administration of multivitamins and calcium supplements.



Data on overdose are not known.


Drug Interactions

May reduce the therapeutic effect of some medicines at the same time primenyamyh.

While respecting the separate administration of the drug can be used in combination therapy with other drugs.


Conditions of supply of pharmacies

The drug is resolved to application as an agent Valium holidays.


Conditions and terms

The drug should be stored in a dry, protected from light, inaccessible to children at temperature not exceeding 30 ° C. Shelf life – 2 year.

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