Iron sulfate

When ATH:


Prismatic transparent crystals of a bluish-green or pale green crystalline powder. Soluble in water to form a greenish solution astringency, It has a slightly acid reaction.

Pharmacological action.
Makes up for iron deficiency, hematopoietic, antianemic.


Iron deficiency anemia (Prevention and treatment), Chronic hemorrhagic anemia.


Gemoxromatoz, aplastic and hemolytic anemia, leukemia, chronic liver and kidney disease.

Restrictions apply.

Peptic ulcer and duodenal, enteritis, yazvennыy colitis.

Side effects.

Constipation, staining of feces in brown and black color, darkening of the teeth.


Reduces the activity of tetracyclines and D-penicillamine (the combined use in the gastrointestinal tract is poorly absorbed form complexes). Antacids reduce, and ascorbic acid increases iron resorption.

Dosing and Administration.

Inside After eating-0.3-0.5 g 3-4 times a day.


Active substanceDescription of interaction
Vitamin CFKV. Increases absorption.
LansoprazoleFKV. By reducing the acidity of gastric contents, reduces the absorption of.
MethyldopaFKV. FMR. Against the background of reduced bioavailability of iron sulphate; concurrent use is not recommended.
NorfloxacinFKV. Against the background of iron sulfate is suppressed absorption and decreases in serum and urine; the combined appointment needed 2-hour interval between doses of both drugs.
PenicillamineFKV. Decreases (mutually) absorption.

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