Fast treatment of scabies at home with folk remedies and drugs

Scabies is a contagious disease, which is caused by the appearance of the scabies mite. This ailment is characterized by such painful symptoms as itching, scratching, formation on the surface of the skin "scabies".

Naturally, such a manifestation of the disease brings obvious anguish and a lot of discomfort to the patient.. To eliminate the symptoms of scabies, you can use traditional medicine recipes, which will help to cope with the disease at home and alleviate the patient's condition. How to treat scabies at home? Consider further.

Recipes for quick treatment of scabies at home

Scabies looks like this, that you want to get rid of the disease as soon as possible. In this case, there are several fast folk recipes..

Ointment with celandine against scabies

Быстрое лечение чесотки в домашних условиях.

Celandine is a green plant with bright yellow flowers.. Medicinal are both the flowers and the stems themselves. Celandine relieves inflammation, anesthetizes, kills bacteria, soothes the skin, heals wounds and cracks.

Recipe for celandine and vaseline ointment against scabies

Ointment ingredients:

  • celandine stems;
  • vaseline;
  • carboxylic acid.

Preparation and application of ointment:

Celandine stems are crushed and juice is squeezed out of them.. Then they take 1 part of celandine, 4 parts of vaseline and mix well. A little carboxylic acid is added to the mixture 0,25%, she won't let the ointment get moldy. The ointment is applied to the affected areas of the skin 3 once a day.

Recipe for celandine ointment and cream against scabies

Preparation and application:

Celandine stems are finely chopped. Crushed celandine is mixed with cream and sent to infuse overnight in the refrigerator. The ointment is applied to the affected areas of the skin with a compress. It is advisable to apply a compress at night, so that the ointment stays in contact with infected skin longer.

Birch tar against scabies

Быстрое лечение чесотки в домашних условиях.

Tar is obtained by dry distillation of birch bark. It is an oily, viscous, dark substance with a pungent odor. Tar heals wounds, burns, cracks, damaged skin, eliminates itching, relieves inflammation, kills bacteria and parasites, dries up, effectively fights against any skin diseases, incl. scabies. Birch tar is sold in a pharmacy.

Birch tar is applied to the affected areas of the skin and kept for about 15 minutes, apply 1 once a day. Every day, the application time is increased and gradually brought to 30 minutes. The drug is removed from the skin with a cotton swab., wettable in vaseline or vegetable oil. The duration of the course of therapy - 4 of the week, or until the disease is eliminated. If you need to repeat the course of treatment, then between courses should take breaks of about 1 – 2 months.

Lavender oil for scabies

Быстрое лечение чесотки в домашних условиях.

Lavender are blue shrubs, dark blue flowers, having a strong and fragrant odor. Lavender is used medicinally as an essential oil, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. Rose oil relieves pain, soothes, disinfects, peeling is removed after application, itch, irritation, inflammation.

Applying lavender oil externally. Apply to damaged areas of the skin 2 – 3 drops five times a day (no more).

Juniper oil for scabies

Быстрое лечение чесотки в домашних условиях.

Juniper essential oil can impart bactericidal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, people appreciate juniper oil due to its healing effect., which it can exert on the entire body.

Juniper oil is also used in the treatment of scabies..

  • juniper oil (50 – 60 drops);
  • lard (30 g).

Preparation and application:

Melt the lard and mix with juniper oil. The mixture is applied to the affected areas of the skin several times a day until complete recovery..

Juniper oil not only disinfects, relieves inflammation, exfoliates, but also eliminates itching, which is so characteristic of scabies.

Demyanovich method against scabies

The name of the method was due to the famous Soviet dermatovenereologist Demyanovich M.P.. He offered treatment for various skin diseases, incl. scabies, two liquids. The first - 60% sodium thiosulfate solution, and second - 6% hydrochloric acid.

Demyanovich's classic method against scabies

A solution of sodium thiosulfate is applied to damaged areas of the skin and allowed to dry for about 15 minutes. During this time, small crystals of the product should form on the skin., which also need to be rubbed into the skin, this will destroy the itch moves, thereby facilitating the access of the solution to the parasites. Then this procedure is repeated again and the hands are thoroughly washed with water., so that there is no reaction between solutions. Through 15 minutes, begin to apply hydrochloric acid to the skin in the same way, how to apply sodium thiosulfate solution. Through 15 minutes after the last procedure put on clean underwear.

Important! Falling sulfur after applying the solutions can not be washed off the skin for three days.

Modernized Demyanovich method against scabies

A solution of sodium thiosulfate is rubbed into the skin for 3 – 4 days in a row 1 once a day, followed by the use of hydrochloric acid. After treatment, wash your skin well with soap and water., so that the foam is rubbed into the skin removing exfoliating skin, ticks and their larvae. The modified method is less irritating to the skin.

Greek balm for scabies

Preparation, consisting of such natural components as spruce, pine resin, pollen and tar, propolis, incense. Used as a therapy for skin diseases, incl. scabies.

Greek balm is applied to the skin damaged by scabies with a cotton pad or swab. 2 times during 10 minutes. Important, so that water or moist. Apply balm 2 – 3 once a day until the scabies are gone. At the same time, in the first 3 – 4 days of treatment should refrain from swimming.

Due to its natural composition, the balm is especially popular., also effectively helps to cure scabies, without irritating the skin. Balm can be used not only for the treatment of scabies, but also as a preventive measure..

Tar soap for scabies

Быстрое лечение чесотки в домашних условиях.


Tar soap in its composition has natural birch tar, possessing antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, drying and many other useful properties. Tar combined with soap has a therapeutic effect on damaged skin.

With the help of tar soap you can make compresses. To do this, you need to cut off a piece of soap with a thin plate and put it on the affected skin overnight.. By morning, sores and wounds from scabies on the surface of the skin will dry out., and the itching will subside. Soap can be washed every day, it does no harm. For prevention Tar soap should be washed constantly.

Scabies rash

Быстрое лечение чесотки в домашних условиях.


Chatter for the treatment of scabies has been used since ancient times.. Boltanka can be ordered at the pharmacy with a prescription, but you can cook it yourself.

  • zinc oxide (4 city.);
  • Erythromycin (4 city.);
  • boric acid 2% (50 Jr.);
  • salicylic acid 2% (50 Jr.).

Preparation and application:

We take all the ingredients in the indicated amount and mix well. Apply to the affected areas of the skin several times a day and apply to complete recovery.

Boltanka effectively fights scabies due to its composition exfoliates, dries up, heals sore skin and is very effective, because it contains a powerful antibiotic. Before using the chatter, it is advisable to consult a specialist.

Advantages and disadvantages of alternative treatment for scabies

Traditional medicine in the treatment of scabies can have the same strong healing effect as medications.. The benefits of folk treatment for scabies include:

  1. Natural Composition. All folk remedies for scabies are made from natural, natural ingredients, which have a beneficial therapeutic effect and do not harm the body.
  2. Effectiveness. Many folk methods are very effective and cope with the disease quickly.. Recipes from natural ingredients were used by our grandmothers, when there was no cure for scabies.
  3. The positive effect of treatment with folk remedies is reflected not only on damaged skin, but throughout the body.
  4. Folk remedies for scabies are inexpensive and you can cook them yourself, without spending a lot of money.

Like all other methods, traditional medicine has its drawbacks. They are:

  1. Allergy. Traditional medicine recipes can have adverse reactions on the human body, expressed in the appearance of various kinds of allergies, which can aggravate the disease.
  2. Traditional medicine does not always have a positive effect.
  3. Treating scabies at home can be tricky, how to prepare infusions, ointments, etc.. it's hard on your own.
  4. Most folk remedies require long-term treatment of the disease..

Traditional medicine - an effective way to combat scabies, but not suitable for everyone, Therefore, before treatment with folk methods, it is better to consult a specialist.. be healthy.

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