Anemia, related to violation of the synthesis of DNA and RNA - Megaloblastic anemia

Anemia, related to violation of the synthesis of DNA and RNA - a large group of inherited and acquired diseases. A common feature of these anemias is presence in bone marrow megaloblast - Red cells series, characterized by a large value, delicate structure, an unusual arrangement of chromatin in the nucleus and asynchronous differentiation of nucleus and cytoplasm.

Violation of DNA synthesis observed deficiency of folic acid, in some rare hereditary diseases, related or in violation of enzyme activity, involved in the formation of coenzyme form of folic acid, or in violation of orotic acid utilization (orotic aciduria).

Under normal conditions, tagged orotic acid and uridine incorporated into the DNA molecule, deficiency in the body cobalamin or folic acid significantly reduced their inclusion. In hereditary enzyme deficiency, involved in the synthesis of orotic acid, uracil, including in broken DNA molecule labeled orotic acid; uridine incorporation is not violated. And both cobalamin deficiency, folic acid, and when orotic aciduria remains normal inclusion in a DNA molecule of labeled thymidine.

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