Anal itching (itching in the anus): What's it, causes, symptoms, diagnostics, treatment, prevention

What is anal itching?

Anal itching – intense itching in and around the anus. This itching, usually, worse at night or after a bowel movement. The itching can be so strong, what causes an irresistible desire to itch. Anal itching is a common problem, most people experience it at some point.

Анальный зуд - анус

Causes of anal itching

In most cases, pruritus caused problems innocuous. In rare cases, it may be a sign of malignant skin diseases.

Combing irritating to the skin around the anus, allowing itching to go. Severe scratches or excessive washing compounds the problem. The causes of anal itching may act:

  • Skin diseases:
    • CVIS (cavity under the skin);
    • Anal fissures;
    • Cancer (rarely);
    • Psoriasis;
    • Eczema;
    • Allergic contact dermatitis, or;
    • Seborrheic dermatitis;
    • Hemorrhoids;
  • Infection:
    • Worms and other parasites;
    • Scabies;
    • Vshy;
    • Fungi;
    • Streptococcal infection of the skin;
  • Other reasons:
    • Slishnom dry or moist skin;
    • Excessive washing – soap contains chemicals, which can irritate the skin;
    • Excessive wiping dry, tough toilet paper;
    • Chemical irritants, such as washing powder, the spirits, and some contraceptives;
    • Frequent diarrhea;
    • Overuse of laxatives.

Risk factors

Factors increasing the risk of anal itching, relate:

  • Paul: male;
  • Obesity;
  • Tendency to sweating;
  • Anxiety;
  • Diabetes.

Symptoms of anal itching

The irritation in and around the anus can be a temporary condition, but may be more persistent or bothersome. Anal itching is pruritus, pain and burning.

Diagnosis of anal itching

The doctor conducts a physical inspection. It will try to determine the cause of this condition. To search for possible diseases, causing anal itching, They may be assigned additional tests.

Treatment of anal itching

For the choice of treatment is necessary to posovetovatisya vrachom.V ideal is to treat the cause, itchy. Besides, The following methods can be used:


  • Soft cleaning the anus after defecation;
  • The content of the anus to dryness;
  • You can use talcum powder after bowel movements;
  • Do not scratch the anus;
  • It is advisable to use unbleached, without smell, toilet paper;
  • You must wear cotton underwear;
  • We need to avoid irritants (Jacuzzi, certain foods, etc.)

The use of drugs

  • To treat itching doctor may prescribe a cream or ointment, containing corticosteroids, such as hydrocortisone;
  • It is possible to use an ointment based on zinc oxide.

Prevention of anal itching

  • It is advisable to avoid laxatives;
  • We should avoid tight, synthetic clothing;
  • It is necessary to observe the rules of hygiene;
  • You should avoid using anal irritants.

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